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How to take perfect product photos with your smartphone

How to do perfect product photography with your smartphone (2024)

You can actually shoot e-commerce worthy images with your smartphone – sounds crazy, right? These days, e-commerce product photography with…

Read time: 6 min
Benefits of 3d Product photography props

Benefits of 3D product photography

Do you think you know the impact 3D product photography can have on your business? CGI was first introduced to…

Read time: 6 min
Hand modeling - Hand Modeling Photography

How to become a hand model

Hand modeling is by far the best way to increase the product engagement. It provides people with a realistic impression of…

Read time: 8 min
best 3d modeling software - Product 3d modeling Software

5 Best 3D Modeling Software in 2024

As the world of 3D imagery is constantly evolving, finding the best 3D modeling software is quite a task. From…

Read time: 6 min
Ecommerce photography setup, Los Angeles

A complete guide to E-commerce photography, tips and tricks

Dive deeper into the “best by test” ways to significantly improve your online appearance. Let our expertise in e-commerce product…

Read time: 63 min
Welpix sro changes it's name to Welpix Studio SRL

Welpix is relocating to Bucharest, RO

Our remote team is growing and the last few months have convinced us that remote creative work isn’t only a…

Read time: 1 min
crowdfunding product photography example

Crowdfunding product photography tips that help you grow your campaign in 2024

Crowdfunding product photography gives you an edge in the crowdfunding world. Campaigning is hard, especially when you’re competing against a…

Read time: 6 min
How will 3D technology change creative industry again in 2023 - 3D Photography revolutionary

How will 3D change the creative industry in 2024, again

The evolution of photography has seen many changes over time. Last year was no exception. In this article, you’ll learn…

Read time: 5 min
Product photography pricing, Creative style product photography cost

Product photography prices for 2024 (Updated)

Introducing our new & updated product photography prices. We have developed a clear pricing system over the last few years,…

Read time: 11 min
CGI coffee product photography - Gym concept

Taking coffee product photography to the next level with CGI

How Japan’s #1 canned coffee entered the US market BOSS coffee recently went through an elaborate plan in January to…

Read time: 8 min
TurboSquid by Shutterstock

Shutterstock buys Turbosquid for $75million and moving into CGI

The deal to acquire Turbosquid was announced on Tuesday, 26th January 2020 in an official statement on Shutterstock’s website. It…

Read time: 4 min
We are now Welpix Studio - Welpix Product Photography Services

We are now Welpix Studio

Why the change? Working as a professional photographer for over a decade now, I have seen a lot of changes…

Read time: 1 min
Product Photography Masterclass Las Vegas Naveda

Product Photography Masterclass, Las Vegas

I flew Across the world to teach photography Recently, I got an honor to work with the world’s most recognized…

Read time: 3 min
Furniture Product Video

Photographing furniture for Juhaniak Wood

This time around I got to work on an exciting project—photographing furniture that focused on handmade, hardwood tables. The client…

Read time: 3 min
Jewelry Photography Lighting - Gold Pendant and The Orchid

Jewelry Photography Lighting – Gold Pendant & Orchid Flower

For this jewelry photography lighting project, I tried to photograph a diamond-encrusted, gold heart pendant in morning light. It was…

Read time: 3 min

Flying boxes

Strange boxes I found on my way home and I could not resist photographing

Read time: 1 min..
Still Life Photography Tutorials and Education | Commercial Photography Course

Don’t miss out on my new commercial photography course

Now is the time to develop a deeper visual sensibility and master the art of commercial photography. If you have…

Read time: 2 min
Fashion accessories

Photographs for a fashion brand’s homepage

This time I was challenged with creating several unique still life photographs for a fashion brand’s homepage. The features comprised…

Read time: 2 min