Photographs for a fashion brand’s homepage

Fashion accessories

This time I was challenged with creating several unique still life photographs for a fashion brand’s homepage. The features comprised of jewelry and accessories. To achieve consistency, each shot had a similar setup to it, as well as the same depth of field and shadow intensity. Ultimately, I worked towards ensuring the overall collection remained interesting and minimalistic, yet showcased the delicate shadows and technical elements.

Each item was propped against a Similar to my past project, frame or wooden beam. These earthy natural tones complemented the orange, red and brown colors in the jewelry and accessories. Photographing this type of product can be challenging. Jewelry is often small, reflective and difficult to stage. Before shooting with each item, I carefully polished and cleaned the surfaces to avoid any smudges or fingerprints to be visible in the photograph.

For the image showcasing the designer handbags, a white block was placed perpendicular to the camera. This exposed two sides of the block. The lighting reflected off one side more prominantely, resulting in a dark side and a light side with the shadows. The handbags were suspended from a metal rod, which made them appear as if they were hovering above the white platform. Overall, the background remained neutral and white, to avoid the viewer being distracted from the product.

For another, the gold bracelet with large diamond-shaped emeralds was laid on a dark brown, hardwood flooring plank. Peeking out at the top of the frame was part of a handbag. This created a feeling of a woman sitting on a bedroom floor going through her prized jewelry and accessory collection ahead of a night out.

In each photo, the shadows direct the attention of the viewer towards the subject. They reveal the finer details of each item and add a hint of drama and emotion to the overall collection. The earrings, handbags and other items had intricate patterns and textures to each, and the shadows really emphasize these features. It can be difficult to shoot reflective objects as they often create distracting reflections. Remember to use an overhead light, preferably double, to minimize this.

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