CGI Hand Modeling

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CGI hand modeling
  • What is hand modeling

    As e-commerce is a virtual place for people to buy products, it is crucial to visually show them how your goods actually work or feel. This is where hand modeling comes in, giving the viewer a realistic idea of how the product would look once it gets on their porch. You should always create a sense of familiarity between your product and potential customers. For that, CGI hand modeling has proven to be a faster, more affordable and convenient alternative to traditional hand modeling.

    When choosing this type of service, you say goodbye to the expensive rates of hand models, as well as to the time wasting task of scheduling and preparing traditional photo shoots.

  • What's included in our service

    • 3D product modeling

    Before we create the stunning hand modeling images you see on our website, we must first create your physical product in 3D software. Whether your product needs the soft touch of a female hand, or the firmness of a male hand, we can make it happen! We have developed two different CGI hand models (one male and one female) that will suit your product perfectly. With the purpose of making your life easier, we can create these 3D models only by looking at reference images of your product. You can show us your product by clicking here, and we will show you what we can with it. Also, note that we only need to do the 3D product modeling once. For your future CGI hand modeling projects, we can always retrieve them from our archive and start working immediately. This way, you avoid some additional costs that traditional photography may require, such as shipping costs.

    • Four different styles

    After we have rendered your product in our software, our CGI hand models will give it a life of its own. Whether you need images, videos, or even both, we can create them in 4 different styles: Catalog, Minimalist, Simple Props or Custom. With each style, you will experience different outcomes that establish a sense of familiarity with the viewer. For example, the Catalog style is key for an e-shop catalog, helping the customer to focus entirely on the product. If, however, you wish to create an attention-grabbing marketing campaign, then Custom style is the right way to go.

    • Unlimited revisions

    The reason we continue to deliver high-quality imagery is our happy customers. Our goal is to always satisfy our clients, and that’s why we always listen to your suggestions. We’ll help you every step of the way, and if you change your mind, you can always contact us. We’re confident that we can do it.

    • Three crop ratios for every image

    No matter your needs, we can help you! Whether you require images for social media, websites, and even print, we can produce high-quality imagery for any type of medium. This basically means that we can render each image in 3 different sizes, so you can use our hand – modeling images anywhere you require.

    • 1×1 images are perfect for social media posts, as they’re most commonly used on platforms like Instagram.
    • 9×16 is another format that is often used on social media platforms and makes a good impression in reels or stories.
    • Finally, the 16×9 (or landscape) format is versatile. From websites to banners – your imagination is the limit.
  • How much does it cost

    We have developed a well-structured pricing system to give our customers a clear answer to the question: “How much does it cost?”.

    • The cost of 3D modeling

    The cost of 3D modeling is determined purely by the amount of time invested in creating your product. The rate is calculated on an hourly basis and may vary depending on the product’s intricacy. When it comes to hand modeling jobs, a basic perfume bottle typically takes us one hour to model, while a watch with elaborate features can take up to ten hours. To know exactly how much time we would need to model your product, you can send us some pictures of it. You can do this by clicking here. It is a one-time fee, as we can store the images in our archive and use them for future projects. On the other hand, if you have a pre-existing 3D model of your product that we can use, the modeling stage can be bypassed completely. Additionally, you have the option of watching a video that breaks down our product photography pricing process.

    • The cost of four different styles

    The second factor in our hand modeling product photography pricing is four different styles. Prices vary anywhere from €49 to €299 per image depending on which style you choose: Catalog, Minimalist, Simple Props, and Custom, and they increase with the complexity of the images. CGI hand modeling pricing is similar for both images and animations, but with a slight difference. While for images we charge our services per image, for animations we charge per second. The reason for this is that one second of animation requires 30 frames – we are talking 30 frames per second. So if you want to estimate the budget for your next CGI hand modeling project, you can use our user-friendly pricing page.

    • Free trial

    If you are interested in our services or want to learn more about us, you can schedule a free a consultation. Or you can simply show us your product and we can show you, and we can show you what we can do with it.

CGI hand modeling

The perfect hand model

Save time and money by employing the virtual body parts and 3D hand modeling.
Hand modeling instant

Instant results

Your product looks better in the hands of our CGI models. We model these CGI hands to fit your product perfectly, establishing a stronger connection with your customers.

Hand modeling poses

Limitless poses

With years of experience in CGI hand modeling photography, we are well-equipped to showcase the complex features of your most intricate pieces. Let your makeup products shine with our help!

Hand modeling affotable


When you decide to go with our 3D hand modeling services, you say goodbye to the expensive rates of hand models. Enjoy a money saving photography experience thanks to our affordable pricing system.

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Traditional Hand Modeling

His hands can earn him $4,000 for just a few days of work. Traditional hand modeling can get expensive very quickly.

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  • 3D modeling€29/h
  • White background€49/img
  • Minimalistic€99/img
  • Simple props€149/img
  • Custom€299/img

Affordable, hand modeling prices

You can get a lot for your money. Depending on the complexity of your product, we can 3D it for €29/h and render professionally looking images of your jewelry.
“CGI cosmetic photography is quick and convenient, with no need to ship physical products to achieve hyper-realistic product imagery.”

- Madeline