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What is CGI photography & how can it help your business?

by martin pitonak | January 20, 2020

by martin pitonak |

cgi photography

Creative product photography of makeup brushes for e-commerce

by martin pitonak | 08 mar 2021

by martin pitonak |


Taking coffee product photography to the next level with CGI

by martin pitonak |


CGI bottle photography & working from home during the epidemic

by martin pitonak |

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Best makeup brushes photography for your e-commerce

by martin pitonak | 05 Aug 2021

Jewelry photography of a golfer brooch with CGI and photoshop compositing

24 Jan 2020

Creative jewelry styling for sapphire earrings Mikus Diamonds

11 oct 2019


Crowdfunding product photography tips that help you grow your campaign in 2022

by martin pitonak | 08 Oct 2021

Cosmetic product video for eyelash product of Muse Beauty, USA

05 Oct 2019

Bring the jewelry business to the next level for Peora from Los Angels, California

08 mar 2021


Benefits of watch product animation vs. watch product videography in studio

by martin pitonak | 24 may 2021

Jewelry product video for Mikus Diamonds of a diamond ring

01 Aug 2019

Watch product video for Easycase with broken ceramics setup

16 aug 2019

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“Almost anything can be transformed into a beautiful 3D model with CGI photography. The sky’s the limit!”