Product Photography Masterclass, Las Vegas

I flew Across the world to teach photography Recently, I got an honor to work with the world’s most recognized pastry professionals, Amaury and Fiona. I went to Vegas to meet them as they wanted…

Product Photography Masterclass, Las VegasProduct Photography Masterclass, Las Vegas
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I flew Across the World to Teach Photography

Recently, I got an honor to work with the world’s most recognized pastry professionals, Amaury and Fiona. I went to Vegas to meet them as they wanted my product photography masterclass or help with their creative food artwork. I successfully trained them in the art of photography and how they can bring the most out of their products with some effective photography and lighting techniques.

This whole experience with them have made me think about creating a photography masterclass for you!

What is Photography Masterclass?

I have been in product photography for the past few years. I have mastered many styles of still life photography, in which I find every single one of them to be different from one another.

What I realized is, that teaching through my website services might not be sufficient for some of you, and you may need something more. This made me think about creating a more advanced one-one-one program for photographers like you. Some sort of product photographer masterclass? where you can learn it all at once.

My main aim is to take photography teaching to the next level. I am planing to offer a one-on-one photography masterclass for a couple of days in my studio. This master class training will be all about either you coming to me, or I will be visiting you at your location if necessary.

Visit me in my studio

The masterclass will be all about the world of product photography, retouching and how to create an efficient photography service for your clients or your products. We will work with products of your choice. I will also teach you how to market and promote your photography service and help you with your online presence and visibility.

Learn Composition and Styling

I can teach everything from basic to advanced skills in compositions and styling. Considering the foreground and background colors with the impression of setting the triangles and color combinations. Looking for lines is also an important part of training to become efficient with your workflow. You can get a chance to learn about how you can put all the elements into one comprehensive frame, that just works.

Master light and lighting gear

A photography excellence is incomplete until and unless it is not composed with the perfect lights effect in it. Making you master in the photography lightning is what I’m aiming at. Together we can figure out what sort of light is best to include in your product photography and how you can bring some extra modifications in it for adding additional charm. Best photography result can never be achieved until you master the list and lighting tools. 

Learn business and marketing from photographer

After that you have finally acquired the skills of mastery photography, the next step is to rule in the market world. And for that sake you need to learn some basic marketing tactics for sure. I won’t be leaving you alone after the training. I will help you to learn some basics of photography marketing on high terms. I will be coming to your rescue to let you know about how you can target the customers easily.


What is the Product Photography Masterclass about?

The Product Photography Masterclass is a course that teaches individuals the techniques and skills needed to create high-quality photographs of products. It covers topics such as lighting, composition, editing, and more, with the goal of helping participants create professional-looking product photos that can be used for e-commerce, advertising, and other purposes.

Who should take the Product Photography Masterclass?

The Product Photography Masterclass is created for individuals seeking to enhance their product photography techniques. This course is appropriate for photographers of all proficiency levels, ranging from those who are just starting out to those with some prior experience. The aim is to teach you how to capture stunning, professional-grade product photos.

How long does the Product Photography Masterclass take to complete?

The duration of the Product Photography Masterclass can vary depending on your needs. For an accurate estimate of the course duration,you can always contact us.

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