Crowdfunding product photography tips that help you grow your campaign in 2024

Crowdfunding product photography gives you an edge in the crowdfunding world. Campaigning is hard, especially when you’re competing against a flood of competition. That’s why it’s important to stand out to potential backers. Pictures let…

Crowdfunding product photography tips that help you grow your campaign in 2024Crowdfunding product photography tips that help you grow your campaign in 2024
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Crowdfunding product photography gives you an edge in the crowdfunding world. Campaigning is hard, especially when you’re competing against a flood of competition. That’s why it’s important to stand out to potential backers. Pictures let you showcase your unique project and style in a way plain text cannot. Read on to create powerful images and set your next campaign up for success.

Crowdfunding product photogrpahy
Use crowdfunding product photography and grow your campaign

Pick your favorite crowdfunding platform

When selecting from crowdfunding websites, the most important thing to keep in mind is whether you’re an individual or a non-profit. With so many to choose from, deciding can be daunting. But while it’s possible to run a campaign on multiple sites, the rule of thumb is to stick to one.

Kickstarter – Exists to help bring creative projects to life.

Since its launch, 208,487 projects have been funded on Kickstarter. They’re especially suited for larger businesses willing to take an all-or-nothing approach. The platform is free to use until your project is backed. Read an honest review here.

Crowdfunding for cosmetics on Kickstarter
How to grow your crowdfunding campaign if you sell cosmetics

Patreon – Change the way art is valued.

Patreon is suited for creators looking to offer exclusive content to their supporters. Fans have the option to buy monthly memberships, where you can post insights and create a sense of community among your fan base. Their platform fee varies from 5% to 12%. Check out this article to read an insightful Patreon review.

Indiegogo – Empowering people to unite around ideas that matter.

While Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform, they also ship innovative products to consumers. They charge a 5% fee on all funds raised by your campaign. Check out their guide on creating a perfect pitch video.

How to grow your crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo
How to grow your crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo if you sell watches

SeedInvest – Invest in highly vetted startups

SeedInvest is an investment platform suited to start-ups with a high potential for growth, although few applicants are approved to campaign. They charge a 2% transaction fee. Read this review about Seedinvest to learn more.

Get inspired by these successful campaigns

It’s important to optimize your crowdfunding product photography for the success and growth of your campaign. When it comes to catching backers’ attention, images have a powerful effect. The projects below are examples of good product photography for your campaign.

Nordgreen – Iconic Danish watch design by J. Wagner

Redefining minimalist design, making it accessible & creating a better world through sustainability. By renowned designer J.Wagner. With every watch purchased, they give back to one of three causes – education, health or the environment. Watch product photography and video animation is nothing new in the world of digital marketing. Through the use of 3D animation software, we’ve given companies the opportunity to display their products in a new light. Click here to learn about the benefits of watch animation.

Public Goods – Revolutionizing Household Products

This campaign is a great example of how crowdfunding product photography and CGI are suited for cosmetic packaging. The lighting and scenes have a calming effect and the images are laid out nicely, making the site aesthetically pleasing. We are passionate about transforming the image of campaigns such as this one. Visit our portfolio and see for yourself how easy it is to transform any product packaging into a realistic 3D model and then use it for rendering images.

How to grow your crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and sell cosmetics

Pebble Time – Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises

This campaign’s crowdfunding product photography showcases the effects quality images can have. Their animation excites the viewer with audio and smooth visuals. Watches and similar products are easy to model in 3D. Without limits on lightning and material and texture changes, you can boast simple and stylish video animation in no time compared to the traditional video production methods. Product video animation can help your boost your sales. You are helping your clients see the features of your product that make you unique. With all the platforms available for sharing your content, you have an easier time to reach your potential clients.

Showcase your best images only

Each image conveys information about your project and style to potential backers. While it’s taunting to throw all your images into a gallery, they should tell a story. For instance, attractive sites often feature images with a similar aesthetic or color scheme. Crowdfunding product photography can help set the tone and create smooth, powerful visuals. Follow these tips to select images that showcase your projects’ features and grow your campaign.

smart cover render

Make your images easy to share

After you publish the images on your crowdfunding page, consider sharing them on social media, a newsletter, or your website. That makes it easier for backers, fans, and family members to promote your campaign.
  • share your new images on your social media channels
  • send a newsletter to your subscribers
  • create a blog post with images of your project
  • create a press release with hi-res images

Make your images easy to share

Animated videos illustrate abstract ideas in a way even images can’t. Potential backers will absorb more information about your project when they’re enjoying themselves at the same time. Video animation conveys your style and manifests your personal brand. Having an interesting video animation describing your uniqueness is a deal breaker on any campaign page. We recommend a short, to-the-point animation that tells the story of your project. We can help with video animation – visit our portfolio here.

Optimize your images for best results

Each platform is different, and a different image size is going to look best on different sites. This is why we recommend experimenting with a variety of image proportions before you make a final decision. Many platforms even put limits on the sizes of images accepted, which is something to keep in mind. We can export images in any custom size, or use the standards of whichever platform you’re uploading to – YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

TIP: Watermark your images

Watermarks help turn viewers into backers, so it’s recommended to put the logo of the crowdfunding website on your images. That way, when you share them on a blog post or social media, people will be able to find your campaign. You can use Lightroom or any of these online watermarking tools:

Grow your campaign with crowdfunding product photography done with CGI

Get in touch and get your product photography done with CGI. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur running multiple crowdfunding campaigns or just starting out–we can help! Have your images done even while you are still in the prototyping stage. If you have your product, starting is as easy as sending us a few reference pictures and sending them over. Still images or product video animation, your crowdfunding campaign will get a boost and your backers will appreciate good photography.

3D product modeling of a watch Luxury watch photography render- Product Photography Services in Miami


What is crowdfunding photography?

Crowdfunding photography is a fundraising method where photographers can collect money from a large number of people, typically via the internet, to finance their photography projects.

What are the benefits of crowdfunding photography?

The benefits of crowdfunding photography include increased exposure and network building, access to funds to finance projects, and the ability to gauge interest in the project before it is completed.

How can I run a successful crowdfunding campaign for photography?

To run a successful crowdfunding campaign for photography, you need to have a well-defined project, create a compelling pitch and visual content, engage your network and build momentum, and offer appealing rewards for backers. It’s also important to have a plan for fulfilling rewards and keeping backers informed throughout the process.

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