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Muse Beauty USA

Eyelashes product video

Creative Product Video of Eyelashes Cosmetic Product of Muse Beauty, USA Client: Muse Beauty Location: North Carolina, USA Category: Product Video Date: July 2019 Visit webiste This beauty brand wished to portray a simple product in the most creative and…

Dust exposition images cosmetic product

Dust explosion CGI

Previous Next Dust explosion concept for cosmetic pigments of Shades of London from London, UK Client: Shades of London Location: London, UK Category: CGI, Cosmetics Date: June. 2020 See website Shades of London were an existing cosmetic photography client who…

Peora - CGI for a website

Peora – CGI for a website

Previous Next Website banners. CGI jewelry photography project for Peora Jewelry. Los Angeles, California Client: Peora Jewelry Location: Los Angeles, USA Category: CGI, Jewelry Date: Sep. 2020 Visit website Peora Jewelry were an existing jewelry photography client who required a…

Jewelry photography

Peora – Jewelry

Previous Next Bold and courageous jewelry photography project for Peora Jewelry from LA, United States Client: Peora Jewelry Location: Los Angeles, USA Category: Jewelry Photography Date: Jan. 2019 Visit website In the jewelry industry, striking imagery is an absolute must.…

Airmask CGI Photography

Puuure – Airmask

Previous Next Pure re-branding from scratch of a California company selling sportswear and fashion accessories Client: Puuure Location: San Bernardino, USA Category: CGI, Fashion Date: Jul. 2020 (work in progress) Visit website Website is still in development Puuure got into…

3D splash work for Shades of London

Shard Of London – Lip-gloss

Previous Next Stimulating paint splash effects in 3D for cosmetic products for Shades of London Client: Shades of London Location: London, UK Category: CGI, Cosmetics Date: Jun. 2020 Visit website Shades of London, a UK-based cosmetics brand approached me with…

time / space

Easycase – Watch

Interesting watch photography project combining art and technology into one unique presentation. Client: Easycase Location: Slovakia, EU Category: Fashion Accessories Date: Jun. 2019 Visit website Easycase were in need of imagery and animation to make their watches stand out amongst…