Don’t miss out on my new commercial photography course

Now is the time to develop a deeper visual sensibility and master the art of commercial photography. If you have a passion for photography and want to make it big in the industry, let’s grow your commercial photography skills together.

I introduce to you: https://stilllifeacademy.com/

After piecing together hundreds of hours of video footage and carefully crafting an easy-to-follow, yet expert process to still life photography, I introduce to you, my new platform. It is a platform to learn commercial photography online. Each tutorial focuses on a specific case study around a real product or brand and breaks down the steps, from start to finish, on how we achieved the final commercial results. We will develop a deeply visual sense and get to grips with new forms of commercial photography, with this free online course.

What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography is intended to sell products and services. Genres within commercial photography can focus on fashion, beauty and retail. If you’re interested in working with brands and clients wanting to showcase their products online and in print, then this course is perfect for you. We will learn about behind-the-scenes of the various commercial shoots. https://stilllifeacademy.com/ aims to provide quality tutorials on how to capture photographs, set up a studio, post-editing and the basics of lighting, composition, equipment and operations.

My first and most fundamental tutorial will explore the basics of commercial still life photography: lighting, composition and styling. A special emphasis will also be put on setting up the studio, equipment and materials needed, and post-production editing. To get started with the first tutorial, simply follow this link: https://stilllifeacademy.com/course/product-photography/

By the end of the course, you’ll be closer to becoming a master of photographic lighting. You’ll have the ability to photograph products, market your photography business, and effectively estimate assignments and scope.

I look forward to welcoming you to the course and trust it will be a fruitful and fun experience.