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Introducing our new & updated product photography prices

We are introducing a new price list with updated prices for our product photography services. This new price list is our response to the ever-growing demand for transparent product photography prices from our clients. In…

Product photography pricing for 2021
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We are introducing a new price list with updated prices for our product photography services. This new price list is our response to the ever-growing demand for transparent product photography prices from our clients. In this post, we will summarize the benefits of our new prices for these categories:

Product photography prices
Learn more about our product photography prices for 2021

Product photography prices for catalog images – an affordable option for you e-shop

Start with one product for €69 per image, add more products for €59 per image, or choose our Business plan and get professional product photography starting at €49 per image.

Our “Starter plan” is the best way to test our service. It offers you professional product photography for just one product at a great price. Use it to create simple yet effective product photography at a great price. If your offer consists of two to five products, take a look at our “E-shop plan“. This plan offers even more possibilities to get professional product photography done quickly and at a reasonable price. The extra advantage is custom ratio of your images and a 4K resolution. Let’s say you’re rebranding your entire e-shop or are looking for a partner for your upcoming new product line—then you should check out our “Business plan“. This plan offers special discounts, custom formats and custom background colors. It is the best value for your money and is suitable for larger companies with wider portfolio of products and a long-term collaborations.

Our new product photography pricing for catalog images (images on white background) offers three plans each aimed at your specific needs. Choose “Starter”, “E-shop” or “Business” and upgrade your product photography.

Product photography pricing for 2021
Learn more about our Product photography pricing for your products

Product photography prices for creative images – grab your customers’ attention

Bring clarity to your products with minimalistic style, set the scene with props or bring your vision to life with our “Custom product photography”.

The “Minimalistic” product photography package brings attention to your product without unnecessary distractions. Starting at €99 per image, it’s an affordable option to get your products noticed. The second option, product photography “With props” brings the limitless possibilities of creative props. Combine these props with a balanced color palette and your products will stand out from the crowd. If your products require special attention to detail, our “Custom” product photography will meet your needs. Tweak every detail of your product or scene, customize it to fit your brand’s unique identity, or export it to custom formats according to your specific needs.

Product photography prices for creative images
Explore our product photography prices for creative and hero images

Product photography prices for video animation – stunning videos of your products

Enhance your customers’ experience with high-quality video animations of your products. Choose from a starter plan for short spots or get creative with stylish props. This plan is an affordable alternative to bring video content into your marketing mix. Use it for short ads, homepage teasers or as a video product description. 

Learn more about this €799 per animation starter package here. Make your products stand out with our second option – video animation with props. The limitless possibilities of CGI (computer-generated imagery) bring any kind of footage, lighting and camera movement. Learn more about our “Animation with Props” package here.

Product photography pricing for video animation
Product photography pricing for 3D video animation and video explainers

Use our product photography prices to better budget your projects

We believe our updated photography prices brings more clarity to our product photography and product video animation services. Take advantage of our “On a White Background” photography to get high-quality images, starting at €49 per image. If you are looking for creative hero images, “Creative Product Photography” offers your simple and beautiful images of your products starting at €99 per image. Our “Product Video Animation” could be just the solution for you if you want your brand to get an extra edge on social media and YouTube. Using CGI (Computer-generated imagery) for your product photography will cut the time you spend on producing high-quality images. The limitless possibilities for change of colors, materials and setup saves you money.

Let us know if you have any further questions about our product photography pricing. Better yet, take advantage of our free demo. Schedule an appointment and get all your questions answered, as well as an instant price estimate, from the comfort of your office.