Welpix is relocating to Bucharest, RO

Welpix sro changes it's name to Welpix Studio SRL

No change of hearts, only of lands

In the upcoming few weeks Welpix SRO will become Welpix Studio SRL. We are constantly growing and adapting to serve you better with each new project. Our promise proves to be timeless: “product photography made easy”. Our remote team is growing and the last few months have convinced us that remote creative work isn’t only a viable option, but a preferred one. Especially when it comes to CGI photography and 3D product animation for small businesses like yours.

New country, same focus: “product photography”

Once again, we’re here to take on the creative challenges you face when looking for high-quality product photography and video animation. This continues to be the focus of Welpix Studio. In short, Welpix is undergoing a legal overhaul. Specifically, we’ve moved our headquarters from Slovakia to Bucharest, Romania. Here we’ll continue to serve you while building our “digital-first” creative agency.

Why the change and what’s the big deal?

Whether you’re one of our existing clients or thinking about working with us, all that’s changing is the name (and the headquarters’ address). We’re restructuring the company primarily for personal and legal reasons, while the offer prevails the same – remote product photography – top-quality images with minimal hassle, wherever you are. Contact us, show us your product and join the creative process so we can help you create professional product photography and video animation for your website, e-commerce and social media channels.