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Still life photographer

3D and animation

CGI product photography
3D product video

Computer Generated Imagery may be just the rejuvenation your brand needs. As an experienced CGI product photography studio with exceptional skills in digital design methods, we can create stunning and hyper-realistic imagery for your product. Feel free to get in touch or request a quote using the form provided at the bottom of this page.

How it works


Realistic 3D models can be produced based on just a few reference images taken on your phone–no extra hassle or shipping costs involved. Simply send us over a few snaps and we’ll be all set!

New possibilities

CGI photography and visualization are ideal for products like cosmetics or perfume, but the world is your oyster! Nearly anything can be transformed into a beautiful 3D digital model.

Fast and efficient

Without the added time of shipping a physical product, we can construct your CGI models quickly and conveniently. As expert commercial still life photographers, we have all the skills to efficiently bring your product to life.


Traditional studio product photography

Bright and high-quality photographs show off your jewelry or cosmetic products in all their natural glory. Studio photography is the perfect option for this. This is why it has remained a photography staple, even in a world of emerging and increasingly complex technologies. We would be thrilled to use our combined studio and CGI product photography expertise to bring out the beauty of your masterpieces.


Traditional studio photography

Expertly applied, professional lighting will—quite literally shine a whole new light on your product, highlighting its best features exquisitely.

High resolution images

Impress and attract with artfully designed, high-resolution 50-megapixel product photography. Crisp. Clean. Ready to publish.

Professional retouching

Each photograph is carefully edited and retouched with high-end Photoshop skills until they’re perfected to the highest standard.

Elevate your
visual identity

You have a challenging task. Your product must rise above the midst of fierce market competition, all readily accessible. As a specialized CGI product photography and 3D product animation, we can heighten your brand’s visual identity to generate the sales your product deserves!

Get inspired with our case studies

Check out work we have completed for our clients to get a feel for what we can do for you, too. We have a catalogue of happy customers that bursts with a rich variety of exciting projects. Enjoy our case studies and then request a quote via our quick and easy form when you are ready for us to show you what we can do for you!

Grow your audience with CGI photography

CGI photography truly is on the cutting edge of brand identity. As a specialized CGI product photography professionals, we are excited to introduce you to this advantage. For hassle-free and fast visuals, CGI photography is without a doubt the way forward. In three simple steps, we can create exceptional images of your products, without even needing to see a physical copy!

Tell us about your product

Simply take a few photos of your product from different angles with your phone and send them to us. 

Receive your estimate

We will lay out design for the most stunning visuals using advanced CGI methods. Based on our project proposal, we will quickly send you a quote.

Get stunning images

Finally, we will create spectacularly realistic and bold 3D models for you to use on all of your marketing platforms.