Photographing furniture for Juhaniak Wood

Juhaniak Wood

This time around I got to work on an exciting project—photographing furniture that focused on handmade, hardwood tables. The client makes and sells a variety of different furniture in his area. Client wants to reach a broader audience and sell his products online. I was tasked tasked with responsibility of taking several product images of his hardwood table range. He actually brought in two tables for me to photograph.

I will continue to help him with photographing and filming more of his products. I’m working with my brother and another gentleman on creating his website, prints and product videos, where images are a keen asset in showcasing your brand. The client realizes that his products are unique and of high-quality. To showcase this industrial and tailored look, we wanted the images to be captured in a relevant background.

Location. Location. Location

I was scouting for a place to shoot this product. Originally, we took a few photographs on a plain white background. These are definitely useful for highlighting the product, but not the brand or personality. We were both pleased when I found this industrial hanger that served the purpose better. The look and feel of this rustic, industrial space fit perfectly with the product, so we decided to end off the last few photographs there. Photographing furniture it is always challenging, as they tend to be larger in size than other products. Tables, in particular, take up a lot of space.

Photographing furniture

I like to shoot furniture from further away. The camera is typically set up some distance away from the product and zoom my 100mm lens in to increase the focal length. The problem with a smaller focal length is that the furniture may appear distorted in the final image.

When photographing furniture it is always beneficial to use a white background. The clean, non-distracting color will draw the viewer’s eye to the product for eCommerce. The white tone will also reflect light onto the furniture, enhancing the features.

For large furniture, you should consider using a professional sweep. This is a roll-out white sheet that produces a curved background. This seamless transition from the horizontal surface to the vertical wall creates a perfectly blended and neutral background. There are some DIY options you could use instead of a sweep. It is also possible to remove a background in post-production.

Lighting options

Another important factor when photographing these tables was the lighting. In order to achieve a professional level of product images, you need to keep lighting in mind. First, you should decide between natural and artificial light. I am fortunate to have enough artificial lighting in my studio to utilize for shoots. If you are on a budget or prefer a natural look, you can use light from a window or outside. To diffuse the intensity of the light, you should consider using umbrellas or a soft-box. This will soften the shadows.

We are confident the images not only showcase the quality and craftsmanship in the furniture but also highlight the hip and industrial feel for the brand. Feel free to browse few samples below and let me now what you think.