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Photographing antique and vintage jewelry

Photographing antique and vintage jewelry

Antique and vintage jewelry possess a unique allure, encapsulating the artistry and craftsmanship of bygone eras. Each piece tells a…

Read time: 6 min
jewelry product photography Background selection

Jewelry product photography background selection

The beauty of your jewelry can be significantly enhanced through product photography, and selecting the right background can make all the difference.…

Read time: 7 min
Best jewelry photography props and tools in 2023

Best jewelry photography props and tools in 2024

Jewelry photography props play a crucial role in creating a strong connection with your clients. To achieve this, it is…

Read time: 9 min
Hero jewelry photography of diamond ring

Jewelry product video for Mikus Diamonds

Nothing grabs a potential customer’s attention like an image in motion. Despite product images still being the de facto way…

Read time: 3 min