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Changing the world with light and shadows

We know how to give your customer the best possible shopping experience: Turning your products into original pieces of art is what we do. Seeing the positive impact we can create in your business, is what gets us out of the bed everyday.
About us

Our vision

Helping others grow, through universal principles of art.

Our mission

Keep providing you with quality images of your products.

Why we do it

We love making the difference in lives and businesses of others.
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About us

Our studio was created to foster creativity, inspiration and comfort for both clients and aspiring artists. Since 2014, we have based our practice out of Slovakia, however, we connect with artists and clients from all around the world.

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Our Story

Our story is one of love for photography. Let us take a brief look back in time, almost 20 years ago. Martin, our founder and CEO, started his career as a photographer. Initially, he worked as a traditional photographer and acquired all the necessary skills and knowledge. However, his forward-thinking drives him to constantly find new solutions to the problems he experiences. This led him to work as a design professional for several companies in the diverse city of Toronto, Canada. Because of this, he has spent the last decade perfecting the art of product photography so that all businesses can have a quality online presence.

Our story is one of adaptation. When we embarked on this wonderful journey, we had one goal in mind: to provide you with cheaper, faster, and more convenient results. Since we started out as traditional product photographers, we experienced firsthand the hardships of photography. This is where the customization part comes in. Starting in 2020, we transitioned most of our traditional product photography to CGI to see if we could improve our services – and it works! We can now do all the things we hoped to do when we started this process, and computer-generated imagery provides us with the tools to do so.

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