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Entertaining your audience with high-quality video content was never easier. Increase your brand’s awareness with 3D product animation.
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About us

Changing the world with light and shadows

We know how to give your customer the best possible shopping experience: Turning your products into original pieces of art is what we do. Seeing the positive impact we can create in your business, is what gets us out of the bed everyday.
About us

Our vision

Helping companies grow, by applying universal principles of art.

Our mission

Keep providing you with quality images of your products.

Why we do it

We love making the difference in lives and businesses of others.
About us - team

About us

Our studio was created to foster creativity, inspiration and comfort for both clients and aspiring photographers. Since 2014, we have based our practice out of Slovakia, however, we connect with artists and clients from all around the world.

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We’re constantly looking for new people to join our team. Grow with us professionally, artistically and remotely.

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Our Story

My name is Martin, and I am a still life photographer specializing in commercial photography. As I saw the needs and challenges of my clients changing in a global economy of fast-past developments and innovations, I wanted to equip myself to better serve them and solve their problems. Computer Graphic Imaging gave me the tools to do this, and so I began to immerse myself in this new technology to gain expertise and use it to fullest advantage to help my clients succeed in their businesses. This led me to work for over a decade in the highly diverse city of Toronto, in Canada, as a design

professional for several firms. It gave me a deeper understanding of the nuances of the industry. Surrounded by a wide variety of artists, architects, engineers and craftsmen, I further developed my skills and honed my craft. In my pursuit of excellence for my clients, what began as one man has now become a growing team of specialists, all bringing their expertise to work as one to produce spectacular world-class images for brands who seek to stay above and beyond their competition. We would love to hear what you want to do with your exceptional products!

Martin Pitonak



Trusted by small & large brands, around the world.

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