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What is CGI photography & how can you benefit from it

What is CGI Photography?

Essentially, CGI photography is the process of creating hyper-realistic computer-generated imagery, usually for the purpose of selling or advertising a retail product. CGI technology has developed and progressed exponentially over the years, and is now so advanced that many companies are choosing to utilize CGI photography as their secret weapon in producing stunning visuals and artwork to showcase their products.
This photography concept made a name for itself in the cinematic sphere, allowing filmmakers to create incredibly realistic-looking 3D special effects. In fact, the majority of animated films include CGI photography on some level.

Why CGI Photography or Animation?

Stunning Imagery of Unfinished Products
The pinpoint precision and realism of CGI photography can successfully allow you to launch a visually stunning marketing campaign, even for products that are not quite manufactured yet. CGI photography can offer a more versatile and economical option than traditional studio photography, whilst effectively highlighting each sophisticated feature of your product.

Versatile, Faster more Precise

There are a number of specialized software techniques that will help create stunning imagery for your product. This advanced technology has allowed CGI photography to become a staple in a wide range of industries, including painting, sculpting and film making.

CGI Photography for Merchandise

With more competition on the market each day, it’s as important as ever to ensure your products stand out from the crowd, but what is the best way to make this happen? CGI photography can effectively set your products apart from the crowd, showcasing them to their full potential with optimum lighting, wide angles and creative positioning. Treat your potential customers to a high-resolution, 360-degree view of your products or 3D product animation and keep your company firmly ingrained in their mind.

Why is CGI Photography Good for you?

Due to its highly technical nature, CGI photography can offer a complete and impeccable view of any item with minimal inaccuracies. This concept lends itself to promoting products for retail stores or online platforms, efficiently satisfying all of the client’s needs and requirements – the sky is truly the limit!

CGI photography is a newly emerging concept with a whole host of benefits. Primarily, 3D artwork could reduce the overall costs of your project by removing the need to assemble, build or move anything whilst shooting striking imagery or video footage for your desired results.

For the same reason, CGI photography can offer a faster alternative to traditional studio photography. Without the need to make, source and arrange elements, work can be completed to an equally high standard in a fraction of the time. CGI modelling allows for quick turnaround on even the tightest of schedules.

Endless Possibilities

Opt for CGI photography and grant yourself complete creative freedom to produce the perfect imagery, even for the most unique and complex projects. Whether you need to add elements as the process develops, generate different angles and compositions, or even change up the whole shooting environment, these can all be done easily with CGI photography.

Supercharge your marketing campaign from the outset by allowing your buyers to see the whole product before a finished model is even made. Give your product the best chance of success right from day one.

For all industries

CGI photography allows for exploration of a range of concepts that would not be possible with standard studio photography. Whatever virtual set you would like can be easily and quickly achieved using sophisticated 3D CGI techniques.

CGI photography is the ideal option for those wishing to highlight their product’s standout features in creative and innovative backgrounds, quickly and efficiently. This new and exciting branch of photography is perfectly suited to the industrial, architecture perfume and fragrance or cosmetic industries.

In fact, CGI photography may be the best-kept secret of the cosmetics industry, with the majority of perfume and cosmetics photography used in professional marketing campaigns being the result of expert CGI animation. CGI photography also lends itself perfectly to jewelry photography and fashion accessories photography, allowing for impressive realism and maximum creativity without the need to ship physical products.

How much does it cost?

The CGI photography price varies greatly depending on the unique complexities of your project. Generally, the process is split into 3D modelling, styling and rendering, each of which are priced individually. The price will vary based on the nature of your project; whether you need simple catalogue images or complex scenarios requiring more time and expertise. Other factors including the number of final images, and whether you would like still images or animation will also impact the overall cost.
We are starting at €500 for set of images, but the more information you can provide on your product and what you would like to achieve, the more accurate our quote can be. Please feel free to get in touch through the quotation form below and I will gladly provide you with a comprehensive price estimate!

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