Watch Photography

CGI watch photography is a faster, cheaper and more convenient way to capture your timepieces.
Watch photography
  • What is watch product photography

    Product photography of watches is a special type of advertising photography that focuses on taking detailed photos of watches. This photography technique highlights the best features of a watch and can be used to create marketing materials, catalogs, and online stores.

    By highlighting esthetic elements such as color, texture, shape, movement and craftsmanship through lighting techniques and composition, product photographers seek to draw attention to the details of a watch to maximize its appeal. When photographing watches for promotional purposes, it is important to capture all the details accurately while creating an esthetically pleasing image.

  • What's included in this service

    • 3D product modeling

    Creating the impressive watch photography you see on our portfolio has two essential steps, the first being the 3D rendering of your watch. A key aspect for creating a realistic 3D model of your watch is reference images, since we base our entire modeling on them. Sending these pictures of your watch is easy, and you can even do it now by clicking here. Also, you should note that we only need to do the 3D product modeling once. This way, you avoid some additional costs that traditional photography may incur, such as shipping costs. For your future projects, we can always retrieve them from our archive and start working immediately.

    • Four different styles

    The real fun starts with the styles, as we can now give your watch a life of its own. Whether you need images, videos, or even both, we can create your watch photographs in 4 different styles: Catalog, Minimalist, Simple Props or Custom. Each style has its uses and works differently depending on the situation. If you want customers to mainly focus on the features of your watch, Catalog style is what you need. On the other hand, the custom style can do wonders when used for promotional purposes, such as social media.

    • Unlimited revisions

    We work tirelessly to ensure you are satisfied with the final watch images. If you are happy, then we are too, and that’s why we always listen to your suggestions. We’ll help you every step of the way, and if you change your mind, you can always contact us. We’ll make it happen.

    • Three crop ratios for every image

    Watch product photography is versatile, and you can use it for all mediums. From social media to websites, and even print, we’ve got you covered! This is why we will render your watch images in 3 different sizes, so you can use it anywhere you need.

    • 1×1 watch images are perfect for social media posts, as they’re most commonly used on platforms like Instagram.
    • 9×16 is another format that is often used on social media platforms and makes a good impression in reels or stories.
    • Finally, the 16×9 (or landscape) format is versatile. From websites to banners – your imagination is the limit.
  • How much does it cost

    We have developed a well-structured pricing system to give our customers a clear answer to the question: “How much does watch product photography cost?”.

    • The cost of 3D modeling

    3D modeling prices are based solely on the time we spend modeling your product. The price is set at €29 per hour and varies depending on the complexity of the product. Here the prices are different from one watch to another, but modeling watches with intricate details usually takes up to 10 hours. To know exactly how much time we would need to model your watch, you can send us some pictures of it. You can do this by clicking here. The 3D modeling of your watch is a fee that you only need to pay once. For future projects, we will use the same models stored in our archives. If you already have a 3D model of your product that we can work with, however, we can skip this part completely. To better understand how our creative process works, you can always check out this video.

    • The cost of four different styles

    Now that we have a digital representation of your watch, it’s time to apply some styles to it. Prices vary anywhere from €49 to €299 per image depending on which style you choose: Catalog, Minimalist, Simple Props, and Custom, and they increase along with the complexity of the images. When it comes to watch photography, the pricing is similar for both images and animations, but with a slight difference. If you were to choose watch images, you would be charged per image. However, for watch animations we price our services per second. This is because one second of animation requires 30 frames – we are talking about 30 frames per second. So if you want to estimate the budget for your next watch marketing campaign, you can use our user-friendly pricing page.

    If you are interested in our services or want to learn more about us, you can schedule a free a consultation. Or you can simply show us your product, and we can show you what we can do with it.

Specialized in watch photography

Why choose us

We have over a decade of experience in the industry. We know how to capture the intricate details and unique angles that make your watches stand out.
Watch photography, specialized

We're different

What really sets us apart is that we’re a team of artists and technicians working together as a team. With the latest technology and our teeth, we can get it done cost-effectively and quickly.

Watch photography, experience

Years of experience

We understand watch photography inside and out. Over the years, we’ve developed techniques to put your watches in the best possible light. We simply know what works and what doesn’t in watch photography.

Watch photography, original

Creative & original

Every day we strive to create something truly new, original and unique. By combining our expertise in watch photography with our creativity, we can truly set your brand apart.
Set Your Brand Apart

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E-commerce websites

Level up your E-commerce website with stunning imagery that will be forever etched in your audience’s mind. The next time they go shopping, yours will be the one they remember.

Jewelry photography, Jewelry Designers

Jewelry designers

Get the return you have earned for all your passionate labor by showcasing your jewelry’s intricate and unique details. Educate the eye of the beholder with images of awe and desire.
Watch photography, watch retail

Wholesale & retail

People shop with their eyes. Good watch photography is essential for retail success. It is the key to selling products online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

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  • 3D modeling€29/h
  • White background€49/img
  • Minimalistic€99/img
  • Simple props€149/img
  • Custom€299/img

Simple, watch photography pricing

You can get a lot for your money. Depending on the complexity of your product, we can 3D it for €29/h and render professionally looking images of your jewelry.
“Watch photography is the ideal way to boost your brand and get noticed amongst a sea of competition. You’re not just another pretty dangle.”

- Daniel