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3D product modeling

What is 3D product rendering

3D product rendering involves creating a digital model of a product using specialized software. This model can be arranged and customized to accurately represent the product’s design, dimensions, and materials.

Textures and colors are applied to the model to enhance realism, while lighting setups are configured to create the desired visual effects. Once the model is complete, it is rendered, which involves the computer processing and generating a high-quality image or video that showcases the product from different angles and perspectives.

These renderings can be used for various purposes, including marketing campaigns, product prototyping, and visual presentations.

Overall, 3D product renderings offer a cost-effective and efficient way to visualize and showcase products in a highly realistic manner.

What is 3D product rendering

3D product rendering prices

We pride ourselves in the correct and transparent pricing system we created for our clients. You can save up lots of money while receiving high-quality 3D product renderings for your projects!  We also have a free trial for our services, so you can try our services for free and see how your products look!
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3D Product Rendering Benefits

3D product renderings come with a series of benefits, making it a valuable tool for several industries. These benefits can help you too stand out and increase your revenue!

  • 3D renderings is highly realistic

    3D renderings allow highly realistic and detailed product creation and visualization. This enables you to showcase your products before they are physically created, helping in marketing, advertising, and product design. It allows quick iterations, customization, and experimentation, so you can swiftly change any element you want from your product with just a few clicks. 

  • 3D renderings provide precise control over all elements

    3D renderings provide precise control over all elements, including lighting, materials, and environment. This preciseness helps create stunning and impactful visuals that enhance your products and make them stand out. It saves you time and money as changes and adjustments can be made easily in the digital environment without additional costs. 

  • 3D renderings aid in decision-making processes

    3D renderings aid in decision-making processes, facilitating the exploration of different designs and variations. You can try out several designs before you are sure the final one is the best representation of your product. Overall, three-dimensional renderings enhance communication, increase efficiency, and boost the overall quality and appeal of visual content.

3D product rendering styles we offer

Once your 3D model is ready, you can choose between four types of images. These are:
3D product rendering styles we offer
Minimalist images - less is more, and this is an excellent choice to showcase your product, especially if it has a unique packaging or shape, or you want to highlight its elegant features through light and shadow.
Simple props - simple, elegant, and cost effective. This style highlights the unique features of your product through the use of simple props such as geometric shapes.
Custom - the sky's the limit with this style as you can customize your product however you like.

Our process for creating 3D product rendering

Show us your product
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Show us your product

Take a few pictures of the product with your phone, upload them, and send them to us. Once we receive it, it’s magic time!

Let’s meet

Let’s meet

Schedule an online meeting with us and let our experienced team know all the details regarding your project.

Manage your project

Manage your project

Join us in the virtual studio and keep an eye on the progress and status of your product, tasks, and communication.

Download your images

Download your images

Your files are safe with us and ready for you and your team. Just login and download all the images, animations, or invoices.


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Modeling / hour
  • 3D modeling€29/h
  • White background€49/img
  • Minimalistic€99/img
  • Simple props€149/img
  • Custom€299/img

Simple, straight forward product modeling pricing

You can get a lot for your money with white background product photography Depending on the complexity of your product, we can 3D it at €29/h and render professional-looking images of your products.
White background product photography - testimonial
“With the ability to quickly model your products in 3D and then render high-resolution images, you’ll give yourself an unfair advantage over your competition.”
- Amanda