3D Product Animation

Entertain your audience and get noticed. Stunning 3D product animation for your eCommerce and beyond

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1. Meet us online

Join us via online video meeting (no sign-up or software required) to start the discussion and find out how we can help you promote you product.  

2. Show us your product

No need to ship your products. Just send us a few reference images of your product taken with your smart phone and we can start creating. 

3. Let's animate it together

Your input combined with our expertise is a surefire formula for crating an interesting 3D product animation for your eCommerce website. 

Entertaining your audience with high-quality video content was never easier. Increase your brand’s awareness with 3D product animation. Get noticed on social media and generate new leads for your business.

Maximize exposure

The world of eCommerce is crowded and noisy. Bring 3D product animation to your marketing mix and stand out. 

Generate new leads

Helping your visitors better understand the features of your product is a great way to bring new leads and start the conversion.

Increase brand awareness

Bring your vision, your product and your audience together. Your brand has a voice and your customers want to hear it. 

Drive sales

Improve the the quality of your shopping experience with 3D video animation and let your new sales be the proof.

Thanks to our proven methods, we can create stunning 3D product animations for your eCommerce in these six easy steps. You grab the director’s chair while we keep our tools ready for your vision. 

Meet us online

Starting the conversation is easy. Simply click the button and join us on a video call. Let’s talk about your brand, your product and how we can help.

Creative concept

Here we envision the look and feel of your future animation. Creating a unique visuals concept is the foundation of your final product video.  

3D modeling

Once we are happy with the creative concept, we will model your products in 3D. All we need here is a couple of reference images of your products.  


Animating the camera, light or the product will allow us to create a professional cinematic look and feel of your 3D product animation.

Video editing

In this editing phase, we fine-tune all the details, check for the overall composition, color-grade and add subtitles as well as add music if you wish. 

Export & publish

Here, we prepare your animation for export while keeping the file size and quality in check. We can provide you with formats for all your needs.

Let your products get noticed with these three proven motion styles. Camera in motion, light in motion, or your product being animated. By putting things in motion, your product animation will receive a modern look that grabs attention. Whether you prefer to keep the look cinematic or dramatic—you are in full control. Camera, set, action! <br>

1. Camera in motion

With this method, we keep your product in focus while your story is being told. This is the most effective way to animate your product.

2. Light in motion

Bring dramatic effect or subtle mood to your product animation. With skillfully animated light in motion we can make your product shine. 

3. Product in motion

Get creative with your animation and let your product turn heads. Slide in, spin or floating are just a few ways to put your product in motion.

Meet our virtual narrators. Thanks to this AI-powered voice-over service, your 3D video animations will resonate with your audience.

By sending us your script, you will get an instant voice-over for your next product video. Simply choose a voice – male or female, get an audio-file for a review and finally, let us apply the voice-over to your product animation.

1. Write your script

In this stage, we make your message sound clear and professional. You can get our help with writing the script for you, or you send us your copy.

2. Chose your voice

Pick a virtual narrator with a simple mouse-click. Choose a voice you like – male or female, then decide what accent suites your message.

3. Review & approve

Listen to the drafts, review the copy and improve the recordings. Once satisfied, approve the final voice-overs, so we can apply them to your video.

Keep your audience engaged no matter the platform they use. Your 3D product animation is ready to shine in all present video formats available.

Horizontal 16:9

Use this industry-standard video format and publish your product animation on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or your eCommerce website. The 16:9 format is ideal for any wide-screen devices like monitor displays, TVs and tablets. 

Square 1:1

Used mainly on Instagram, this square format of your product animation will deliver your message to your audience no matter the device. You can also use it on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or even your website.

Vertical 9:16

The vertical format is getting more popular by the hour. Your 3D product animations will get many more views on platforms like Instagram Stories or Pinterest if properly optimized for the vertical ratio of mobile screens.