3D product modeling services

3D product modeling allows you to create marketing materials more rapidly and easily
3D product modeling
  • What is 3D product modeling

    3D product modeling is a form of 3D design that creates a realistic representation of an object or product. It’s used in many industries, including advertising. With 3D product modeling software, we can create detailed models of your product and design marketing materials for you based on them.

    These models are usually created from scratch on a computer using special software. This allows us to easily edit their designs and quickly modify them as needed. After modeling and rendering images the end result is a highly detailed model that can be used for purposes such as animation or photorealistic visualization projects.

  • What's included in this service

    • 3D product modeling

    Before we create the stunning images you see on our website, we must first create your physical product in 3D software. For this purpose, we use some reference images of your product. You can easily send us some images of the product you want us to recreate for you by clicking here.

    We only need to do the 3D product modeling once. For your future projects, we can always retrieve them from our archive and start working immediately. This way, you avoid some additional costs that traditional photography may incur, such as shipping costs.

    • Four different styles

    After we have modeled your product in our software, we can give it a life of its own. Whether you need images, videos, or even both, we can create them in 4 different styles: Catalog, Minimalist, Simple Props or Custom. Each style has its uses and works differently depending on the situation. For example, the Catalog style is perfect for an e-commerce catalog where the customer can focus entirely on the product. On the other hand, the custom style can do wonders when used for promotional purposes, such as social media.

    • Unlimited revisions

    We don’t stop working until you tell us that you’re satisfied with the final product. Our goal is to always satisfy our clients, and that’s why we always listen to your suggestions. We’ll help you every step of the way, and if you change your mind, you can always contact us. We’re confident that we can do it.

    • Three crop ratios for every image

    Whether you need images for social media, websites, or even print, we’ve got you covered! We render each image in 3 different sizes so you can use it anywhere you need.

    • 1×1 images are perfect for social media posts, as they’re most commonly used on platforms like Instagram.
    • 9×16 is another format that is often used on social media platforms and makes a good impression in reels or stories.
    • Finally, the 16×9 (or landscape) format is versatile. From websites to banners – your imagination is the limit.
  • How much does it cost

    We have developed a well-structured pricing system to give our customers a clear answer to the question: “How much does it cost?”.

    • The cost of 3D modeling

    3D modeling prices are based solely on the time we spend modeling your product. The price is set at 29€ per hour and varies depending on the complexity of the product. Modeling a simple cosmetic bottle usually takes us 1 hour, but different designs can indicate a longer modeling time. To know exactly how much time we would need to model your cosmetic, you can send us some pictures of it. You can do this by clicking here. Also, this is a one-time fee, as we can store the images in our archive and use them for future projects. However, if you already have a 3D model of your cosmetic product that we can work with, we can skip this part altogether. You can also watch a video explaining how our product photography pricing works.

    • The cost of four different styles

    The second factor in our cosmetic product photography pricing is four different styles. Prices vary anywhere from 49€ to 299€ per image depending on which style you choose: Catalog, Minimalist, Simple Props, and Custom, and they increase with the complexity of the images. The pricing is similar for both images and animations, but with a slight difference. While for cosmetic images we charge our services per image, for animations we charge per second. The reason for this is that one second of animation requires 30 frames – we are talking 30 frames per second. So if you want to estimate the budget for your next cosmetic marketing campaign, you can use our user-friendly pricing page.

    • Free trial

    If you are interested in our services or want to learn more about us, you can schedule a free a consultation. Or you can simply show us your product and we can show your, and we can show you what we can do with it.

How it works

3D Product Modeling in 3 easy steps

All you have to do is send us a couple of pictures of a product, and we can take it from there


Take a couple of pictures of your product from with your cell phone and send them to us. You'll be amazed what we can do just from images.
Labels & logos

Labels & logos

If you have your product labels in a digital format or if there is a logo that you want us to apply to you your product, you send them to us too.

3D modeling

3D modeling in other words is simply a process of creating a 3D model of your product, based on reference images that you can send us.
Take Reference Images

Reference images

Good reference images of your product are vital for 3D modeling, and will certainly save you time and money on avoidable extra revisions.
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Labels & logos

Send us your brand's label design, and we will incorporate that into our 3D model to ensure it is as exact a reality as possible.
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Send Logos and Labels
3D product modeling

3D modeling

Through 3D product modeling, we will create highly-realistic 3D models of your products based on your reference images or physical product.
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Give us a try
Show us your product, and we will show you, what we can do with it.


Modeling / hour
  • 3D modeling€29/h
  • White background€49/img
  • Minimalistic€99/img
  • Simple props€149/img
  • Custom€299/img

Simple, straight forward product modeling pricing

You can get a lot for your money with white background product photography Depending on the complexity of your product, we can 3D it at €29/h and render professional-looking images of your products.
White background product photography - testimonial
“With the ability to quickly model your products in 3D and then render high-resolution images, you’ll give yourself an unfair advantage over your competition.”
- Amanda