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Flying colors, Creative jewellery - Creative Jewelry Styling

Creative Jewelry Styling With Watercolors for Mikus Diamonds

Designing creative jewelry styling by using watercolors is an exciting and sensational thing to do. I was given a fantastic…

Read time: 3 min
Colombian treasure - necklace photography

Emerald necklace photography project for Mikus Diamonds

Among so many amazing pieces of the jewelry, the emerald necklace has made itself to be one of the most…

Read time: 3 min
Jewelry styling of zapphire earrings

Creative jewelry styling for sapphire earrings Mikus Diamonds

I’m back again with a new story, this time it was a jewelry styling project of the beautiful sapphire stone…

Read time: 4 min
jewelry photography - pearl jewelry

Photographing pearl jewelry for Mikus Diamonds

The rarity of pearl jewelry has made it a worldwide sensation. Hence the people are often hunting for authentic pearl…

Read time: 3 min
jewelry photography

Bring the jewelry business to the next level for Peora. LA, California

Jewelry businesses have lost their appeal over time, and they are making continuous efforts to spark a joy among their…

Read time: 2 min
Hero jewelry photography of diamond ring

Jewelry product video for Mikus Diamonds

Nothing grabs a potential customer’s attention like an image in motion. Despite product images still being the de facto way…

Read time: 3 min
Diamond ring photography - Jewery ring photography - Diamond ring & the cultural heritage

Creative Jewelry Photography with Ring on White Lace

And the saga continue. Here is another creative jewelry photography setup, I completed as part of a series of photographs…

Read time: 3 min
Jewelry Photography - Diamond Ring Photography on Volcanic Sand

Jewelry Photography – Diamond Ring on Volcanic Sand

This photograph was completed for Mikuš Diamonds, as part of a series of images for their range of diamond rings.…

Read time: 2 min
Jewelry photography of diamond ring on flowers - Diamond Ring Photography

Jewelry photography – Tips for photographing a Diamond ring

In jewelry photography when photographing a small diamond ring, this requires a slightly different approach. The images really need to…

Read time: 3 min