Helping macarons brand, Ermine with product video in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
3D animation
12.8 M views
March 2023

Today we are featuring our latest collaboration with the renowned luxury pastry brand from Saudi Arabia, Ermine Pastry. Middle Eastern companies do an outstanding job of designing appealing packaging, and that means our visual content has to exceed expectations. Ermine’s macarons box is the best example of this, and we had to complete the job within a tight deadline.

Thanks to CGI, launching a new product line is now faster than ever. All the work is done remotely with minimal effort on your part, and that was the case with our most recent client. With fast and effective modeling, texturing and styling, we created stunning images for Ermine’s next marketing campaign.

  • Helping Ermine from Riyadh, to present their new product
  • Speed up your product launch with CGI animation

  • Working with simple props can be rewarding

  • Keeping it simple and colorful is a winning combination

Even simple, geometric shapes can be used to create wonderful visual content. For this project, using the simple props style was beneficial in terms of efficiency, as we were able to render the animation and images 8 times faster than usual. With this style, a fast, eye-catching animation was achieved.

A simple and colorful design will appeal to the viewer and immediately attract his attention. We designed a background that matches Ermine’s macarons box and makes it blend with the surrounding elements. Using only four main colors – green, purple, orange and blue – we managed to highlight their product in a simple virtual environment, for social media video.

Impress with simplicity

You only need creativity to create stunning imagery. Overcomplicating rarely has positive effects, so keep your presentations simple and effective. Our work with Ermine was entirely based on color combinations and simple geometrical objects, and you can see how wonderful this choice was by browsing through this gallery. 

How it works

12.8 million views in 2 days on Tiktok

Watch your audience grow in real time with engaging CGI images and animations. See how we improved Ermine’s social media presence below.

Ermine macarons, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia