CGI jewelry photography of a golfer brooch

Merging CGI with traditional photography Being a still life photographer, I had always tried my best to win my client’s trust and give them out the best of the photography which they have never expected.…

CGI jewelry photography of a golfer broochCGI jewelry photography of a golfer brooch
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Merging CGI with traditional photography

Being a still life photographer, I had always tried my best to win my client’s trust and give them out the best of the photography which they have never expected. I have always presented with something new and fresh in my jewelry photography and this time I have arrived with my CGI jewelry photography service and combing the jewelry photography for this interesting golfer brooch design made by Mikus Diamonds. I have put all my time and effort to document the whole process as a guide for you to give you a better understanding of the whole process. The reason why I choose to compile it in a form of video is to let you know that how I develop and combine it into a final piece. This can turn out to be a lot helpful for all those people out there who are interested in try something similar. I was asked to create a golf concept that would be suitable to the golfer brooch design. Hence that got me thinking how I can approach it. Well I somewhat photographed the whole golfer which was sent to me by one of my clients. I later on add some of my CGI touch to it. I made sure that I choose the right elements in it. This can add up the idea and evoke the whole golf concept property.

Conceptual approach with CGI in mind

There was a reason why I conceptualized the golfer brooch idea! It’s because I want you to know about possibility of combining CGI with traditional photography. I started with photographing golfer on white background first. This image has added the whole design of golfer with the art of reality approaches.  I hang the golfer on the top of the translucent sheet. In this way it can clearly be visible in front in a prominent way! Lastly, when I end up with the white background work, I carry out some revise work on retouching it well. This is all finish up to bring the effects of realism in it. I was such a fun and explorative process, the way I conducted the whole golfer brooch. Well I loved the way it turned out with a 3D realism effect at the end of the day.

CGI jewelry photography simplified

I end up the whole golfer brooch jewelry with the designing of some spherical 3D golf balls in blender. This was what I was simply planning to include at the white background of the actual photograph. The reason why I choose the golfer was basically to bring an idea about replacing the simple model with a photograph.  Well I wanted to all in all share with you, how a simple photo can be transformed into the blend of photography and CGI. I did it with little effects and 3D design. I hope that you like the way it came out. I have put all my effort into it and I am myself finding it so much interesting in the way it looks.


What is CGI jewelry photography?

CGI jewelry photography is the process of creating computer-generated images of jewelry items for the purpose of marketing and advertising. It allows jewelry to be captured in high detail and with complete control over lighting and environment, resulting in highly realistic and eye-catching images.

Why is CGI jewelry photography becoming popular?

The reason for the increased popularity of CGI jewelry photography is quite straightforward. It eliminates the need for physical product samples, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. CGI also enables the creation of images that accurately represent the product, without being limited by traditional photography.

How does CGI jewelry photography compare to traditional photography?

Compared to traditional photography, CGI jewelry photography offers greater control over lighting and environment. Traditional photography is limited by lighting conditions, physical product samples, and other factors that can affect the final image. CGI jewelry photography eliminates these limitations, resulting in more accurate and consistent images.

Is CGI jewelry photography suitable for e-commerce sites?

Yes, CGI jewelry photography is suitable especially for e-commerce sites. The high-quality and realistic images created through CGI jewelry photography can help increase customer engagement and drive sales further than before. CGI jewelry photography is perfect for use in online retail, where customers don’t have the opportunity to see the product before they buy it.

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