Jewelry product video for Mikus Diamonds

Nothing grabs a potential customer’s attention like an image in motion. Despite product images still being the de facto way of presenting them online, jewelry product videos are becoming a thing. Products in motion are…

Jewelry product video for Mikus DiamondsJewelry product video for Mikus Diamonds
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Nothing grabs a potential customer’s attention like an image in motion. Despite product images still being the de facto way of presenting them online, jewelry product videos are becoming a thing. Products in motion are something that is being requested more and more.

I’ve started working with other videographers and stylists to come up with how to unroll this and I thing we have a start here. We experimented quiet a bit in past few weeks, with moving lights, motion, and combining it with music. I would like to tell you more about our first jewelry product video we did for Mikus Diamonds.

Mikus Diamonds takes motion

The client sent me a large amount of jewelry for this shoot. All the products are of exceptionally high-quality and feel. They wanted me to take standard product images on white background for their graphic designer, that was suppose to be some other campaign. I felt these stunning accessories needed something more than just a white background.

So I decided to create a motion video using the product. For me, one piece of jewelry stood out the most – a massive, diamond-engraved,  gold ring called “Dreams“. I went and created a setup of my own to showcase this piece. I placed the ring on a stack of slate. These thin rocks piled on top of each other created a cliff-like feature.

It took quite a lot of lighting adjustments, diffuse panels, focus stacking, and editing to bring out the sharpness of the image. I spent a lot of time playing with the different angles and lighting to create a visual story of the ring. When you watch the video you’ll see it covers the entire life-cycle of the jewelry. At the start, we see the aurora borealis and the rising sun.

We see a quick glimmer of the butterfly-shaped diamonds on the ring. Another scene of the ring being cast into a hot furnace, and a goldsmith tinkering it into shape. The music speeds up and we see two lovers awaken. Further glimpses of the ring. A scene of love. The light reflects off the gold. Mikus Diamonds.

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The differences between images and videos

I experimented with zooming, panning, and light in motion, to create these effect and added further stock clips and music to create the story in between the product scenes, just the way you see it in the video.

Video is much more difficult to fix in post-production. It requires careful planning and other set of knowledge of what frames go where. In other words, I’ve never worked so hard on a setup before to make sure everything is as perfect as possible. Yes, you can do some masking in After Effects, but nothing like working on a still image in Photoshop.

Although similar lighting and shooting techniques were used here, I still want these videos and products in them, to be styled like all my still life images. In essence, I feed like I need to approach jewelry product videos same way as still life photography, just enhanced with motion.

Consider animation for your next campaign

For product video campaigns, especially jewelry campaigns, animation can be an effective and creative way to tell your story. With the right combination of creative imagery and engaging content, animated videos are a great way to draw in potential customers.

Whether you want to create a fully animated world or just add some movement to your existing footage, animation is the ideal choice for a jewelry video campaign. With animated characters or 3D models, you can showcase your products in a unique way and make them stand out from the competition.

Animations also allow you to create dynamic scenes with interesting transitions and captivating visuals that will keep viewers engaged until the end.

Plus, using animation instead of live-action footage can often cut production costs without sacrificing quality. All in all, animations are a great option for creating stunning jewelry videos that grab attention and maximize ROI.

Why jewelry product video

Video is a great way to engage with consumers and show off their brand. It works well on mobile and shows off the entire product without needing to scroll or click through a gallery. The video does tell a story.

I have showed it to few of my existing customers and everyone is all over it. I think motion and jewelry product video will become one of my things, in the close future. It is something we are going to push, moving forward, as it is a creative and exciting way to showcase the product.

Keep an eye out on my portfolio as I will split it up into still life images, and motion videos very soon. Hero jewelry photography of diamond ring for Mikus Diamonds for their upcoming product video


Why is video important for showcasing jewelry products?

Videos are important for the presentation of jewelry products because they allow customers to view the product from different angles and perspectives, giving them a more detailed impression. It also allows jewelers to highlight the unique features and craftsmanship of their products.

How can jewelry product videos be used to drive sales?

Product videos for jewelry can be used in a variety of ways to promote sales. They can be shared on social media platforms, featured on a jeweler’s website or online store, and incorporated into digital marketing campaigns. By showcasing their products in an engaging way, jewelers can attract and retain customers, which ultimately leads to higher sales.

What should be included in a jewelry product video?

A video about a jewelry product should include a clear shot of the product, highlighting its unique features such as the cut, clarity, and color of the stones. In addition, the video should provide context for the product, such as how it can be worn or paired with other jewelry.

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