Watch product video for Easycase

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Recently, one of my clients, got in contact with me and asked me to capture interesting images of their brand new watches that would in their sales. After capturing exactly what my clients wanted, I introduced a new concept of creative watch product videos to my client to improve their sales even more. They liked this new concept a lot. I was able to recreate the scene for video by using the same props that I used in my photography project for this project and made sure they match. I believe that in product video, the most important things to focus on is getting the right props and lighting. Without these things, it will be impossible to showcase all the details of the watch or fix things in post-production. So, I chose the same broken ceramic pieces that I used in my watch photography project and re-creating a retro scene which helped in capture shots of the watch before. All the broken ceramics and vases, along with the two watches were placed on top of the white surface. The props helped in concealing the white space, which helped in emphasizing the watch so that it becomes the center of attention of this watch product video.

Shoot process for watch product video

I used my black magic camera to shoot the watch product video for customer. It is a flexible camera which helps in creating high-quality footage which can be easily exported to the computer. The idea for the watch product video was to keep it simple yet interesting. To do this, it was important to have the right props, lighting and background. The watch product video begins with the clip of an hourglass. In the past, hourglasses were used to measure time, but they were replaced by watches. So in order to show this, I first inserted the clip of an hourglass. Later added a transition after which the clips of the watches were displayed. I took several micro shots of the watches to display the watches from every side and angle. I turned my camera around the table to showcase the watch and combined these shots with sound and music to make the video more interesting. Whenever a scene changes, you will hear the sound of a beat. The whole artistry of video cutting along with the music helps in keeping a flow. This product video is one minute long so I tried to make it interactive but simple. Watch should catch the attention of the viewers and they would visit customer’s website to learn more about the product. I hope this brings a little bit more insight into the behind the scene process of making this video. If you have any questions just ask and let me know what you think below.