Benefits of watch product animation vs. videography

Product color variation

Watch product animation is noting new in digital marketing. It can produce equally exiting results in shorter time and at lower cost. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of a 3D product animation project we did recently and compare it to tradition videography. 

At the beginning of the project, the client sent us a few pictures of the watch components – the back and front views, the logo and others. We also received a video of the mechanism and how the watch works, which is always very helpful. This video alone with the reference pictures helped us to create a realistic and detailed 3D model of the specific watch.

1. Speed — Creating watch product animations in 3D is simply faster.

Using our 3D modelling software, we can create detailed watch product animation based solely on images and videos you send us. Traditionally, it would take days to ship the product via a parcel service and photographs taken in a real studio. 

Meanwhile, our workflow models the watch in 3D, giving us full control over the product’s features. This has been proven to speed up the production of product photography sometimes tenfold.

2. Revisions  Opinion changes are way easier with CGI photography

If you change your mind during the process about how you want your imagery or even the product itself to look, we’re always here for your change of heart. 

For example, if the background is white and for some reason you suddenly want it black, we can change the background with a single click. We can also change the materials of the parts or certain details and start rendering the updated images where we left off. 

This way, we can quickly go through revisions and can make adjustments immediately. Therefore, not only do we work hard and smart and your watch product animation can be produced faster.

3. Variations  We can easily create different color variations of an existing 3D model

Creating color variations is easier because of the creative freedom of our 3D workflow. Since the product and scenes (props, background, materials, lighting, etc.) are all created as a 3D model, we can change the color setting without limitations. 

Whether we’re matching your brand’s colors or creating an entirely new palette, simply choose a color, and we’ll implement it into the final scene so that everything harmoniously supports your message.

4. Control  You have better control over the 3D model of your watch compared to a physical model.

Having full control over the features of your product, the colors, the materials, the scene setup and the lighting of the scene is the main advantage of our CGI photography workflow. 

Compared to the traditional method, once your product is modelled in 3D, we can easily adjust it during production; tweaking the many components of the scene, colors, lighting that create the overall atmosphere of each image. Turn it into a product animation, and you have control over the camera lens and its position, the camera movement, the length of this watch product animation and the music.

 As your product is transformed into a realistic 3D model with our help, you have a potential for limitless control over its features, the character of the scene, colors, and in the case of an animation, the camera movement with the lighting and music.

5. Lower Price  You can save more money on your watch product animation with CGI

The benefits of CGI (Computer-Generated Images) for your watch product photography are many: full control over the characteristics of your product as we work with a 3D model instead of a physical product, unlimited options for the visual characteristics of your scenes, lighting and colors and the ability to change your mind and customize the final result. 

With benefits like these, you are assured of plenty of room for testing your ideas, planning and prototyping. With our experience in CGI, we will help you make the right decisions to get product images of your watch in less time, saving the most important resources – your money and time. Convenience: we can model your watch only from images you can take with your smartphone.

If you still have questions or are undecided if CGI is right for your watch and brand, give it a try.

To get a no-frills price quote, all you have to do is fill out our short form and attach a few images of your product. You can do this with any smartphone camera. Your watch product animation can benefit from the latest trends in product photography with our CGI approach, while you have full control over the visual character of your brand. 

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