Creative jewelry styling for sapphire earrings Mikus Diamonds

I’m back again with a new story, this time it was a jewelry styling project of the beautiful sapphire stone earrings. Client wanted me to take their sapphire stone earrings and style it in such…

Creative jewelry styling for sapphire earrings Mikus DiamondsCreative jewelry styling for sapphire earrings Mikus Diamonds
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I’m back again with a new story, this time it was a jewelry styling project of the beautiful sapphire stone earrings. Client wanted me to take their sapphire stone earrings and style it in such a way that it looked royal and appealing to their clientele. Jewelry styling projects are never easy, but they are a healthy challenge, so I called upon the photography gods and took the task. Having the client’s requirements in mind, I started to work on what kind of background I wanted for the sapphires, nothing too overwhelming that will overshadow the sapphires. A plain white background would make the sapphires look ordinary, so that was out of the box as soon as the thought came to my mind. And then the client’s word came to me. He wanted them to look “royal?. And what says royal more than luxurious clothes. An idea struck me, and I went to get a fabric store. When I explained my situation, they were kind enough to let me borrow three or four sample pieces. Then I set to put my plan to action.

What is jewelry styling?

Before I go into more details of what I did, let me tell you what jewelry styling is. Styling is one of the most crucial elements in photography. Taking good quality pictures of jewelry for most is an unsolved mystery. They are bright and small on one side and can have complex and detailed designs. It can be difficult to illuminate their bright and clear silver and gold surfaces and a variety of colours. It’s hard to avoid reflections, flare, hotspots, and, you get an idea. Good jewelry photography needs sharp, crisp focus. The jewelry piece needs to the highlight of the picture. Clients send you the details of what concept they want to develop, and then you have to style the jewelry based on the said concept. The idea is usually to make the jewelry piece look exquisite, delicate and breathtaking, enough to convince the customer to buy the jewelry piece just by looking at the picture. So, it is a real passionate photographer’s dream and a nightmare to be able to capture such imagines.

About the sapphires

The jewelry pieces were top-notch. They are fitted with two teardrop-shaped sapphires (3.20 ct and 2.9 ct). These stones form the heart of the whole jewel, both visually and in terms of value. They are two naked eyes pure sapphires of beautiful blue colour. The GIA laboratory confirms that no alternation has been made on the larger one of the sapphires, not even by heating. It is currently considered to be a very common way of treating almost 99% of all sapphires that go to the market. Less than 1 % sapphires available in the gemstone market today are not treated in any way. in any way today are less than 1%. These extremely rare stones (if they are of high quality) are auctioned mostly, and their value is incomparably higher than the value of other treated stones.

The science of jewelry business

The value of a single earring is almost double that of the other. The GIA certificate has confirmed only a minimal degree of heating for it! The stones, however, have nearly identical proportions and also in terms of colour and purity form a perfect pair. It was truly a unique piece of jewelry. Two teardrop-shaped diamonds opposite the sapphires complemented it. It weighted only 0.50ct and 0.52 ct in colour G and H and the purity of VS2 and VS1, which are proportionally and visually perfectly matched. However, only by laser inscription on the diamond it is possible to find out which of the earrings has a more valuable sapphire. Know that coloured gemstones are usually not described by laser. It is the one in which a diamond weighing 0.50ct, colour G and purity VS2 are fixed. However, the earrings are designed deliberately so so that theirthat their magical secrets of value cannot be revealed visually. According to a legend, those who try to separate the earring, will develop schizophrenia. However. such possible consequences do not stem from the difference in the earrings themselves, but solely in the different perception of their owner. Earrings made as a perfect pair, on the other hand, perfectly complement the positive characteristics attributed to the blue sapphires. They are considered the stones of spiritual purity and serenity. With a backstory that beautiful, I wanted to do them justice.

The actual photography

Let me tell you, this particular jewelry styling project was not easy. I had to try out multiple styling using the fabrics I had borrowed from the fabric store. I tried to create a scenario for the jewelry piece itself. So, without going further into the technical mumbo-jumbo, I want to say that I toyed a little bit with the shadow, the light, reflection, exposure and similar things. And after countless hours of trying different things and scenes with those fabrics, I was able to capture those stones. Then I went on and gave the pictures a final touch, did some photoshopping and send out the final images to the client, which he ended up loving.


What makes sapphire earrings stand out in a photo?

Sapphire earrings stand out in a photo due to their stunning blue color and unique cut. The rich color and brilliance of sapphires can be highlighted through creative lighting and styling techniques, making them the focal point of the photo.

How can I style sapphire earrings for photography to show their full beauty?

To show the full beauty of sapphire earrings in photography, you can use creative CGI lighting techniques to highlight their eye-catching cut. Additionally, you can style the earrings with complementary pieces of jewelry to create a shiny look and draw the viewer’s attention to the earrings.

What are some tips for capturing the rich blue color of sapphire earrings in a photo?

To capture the rich blue color of sapphire earrings in a photo, you can simulate natural light inside a CGI software and add a colored background to enhance the blue hue.

How can I style sapphire earrings for a more casual or edgy look in photography?

To style sapphire earrings for a more casual or edgy look in photography, you can pair them with denim, leather or other casual clothing. You can also use unconventional lighting techniques, such as simulating a light from above or behind the subject, to add a more dramatic effect to the photo. Additionally, you can style the earrings with other edgy jewelry pieces to create a unique and eye-catching look.

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