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Helping Boss Coffee to enter US market with CGI | Tokio, JP

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Collaborating with someone closer to the market which you want to enter can be the key to an effective marketing campaign. For this project, BOSS coffee from Japan, and our team from Europe came together to capture the US market. CGI technology allowed us to deliver outstanding results for our client without even touching the product itself.

What makes this project stand out, is that we put up an entire marketing campaign using only CGI photographs and videos. Since this is a Japanese product, we were able to showcase its origin by pairing it with Japan’s iconic Sakura tree and its signature art form, Origami. In an effective campaign, you don’t say much about your product, you help the consumers connect the dots.

We used CGI to create the images for their website and Amazon store. This allows us to easily make any changes that the client might want, without having to schedule a new shoot, saving us and our client precious time. Thanks to CGI we were able to explore new ways to capture consumer’s attention

One of the most effective types of visual content is video. It really helps capture the consumer’s attention and, paired with the correct sound, can do wonders for your product. 3D animation also allowed us to get very creative, creating a campaign that sets our client apart from the thousands of coffee products in the US market.

Leading up to the launch of a new product in the US, our team faced a challenge to create new and engaging content with limited time and budget. We also had little source content and no access to the physical products. We reached out to the Welpix team and they created a beautiful CGI model of our product within a day using only our product images. From there, Martin and his team astounded us with the flexibility and creativity available through CGI modelling, putting our product in scenes that we could never have achieved with a real studio. The result was a portfolio of excellent images and videos used on our product pages and advertising to engage our customers. I highly recommend the Welpix team for their speed, skill and creative talent. I look forward to working with them again!

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BOSS Coffee is the perfect Ready-to-Drink beverage for the on-the-go professional who demands high quality coffee. Pour over ice to kickstart your day or grab a can for that convenient afternoon boost – enjoy your way!

Helping Boss Coffee expanding to US with CGI