Helping Ralph Christian promote their timepiece with video animation

Client: Ralph Christian
Location: Florida, USA
Category: Product Photography
Date: Sep. 2021

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An existing client, Ralph Christian contacted us with a new project. The watch manufacturer needed square watch video animation for their latest timepiece—the intrepid chronograph. The project involved creating a hyper-realistic 3D model of the watch and its packaging, as well as developing creative scenes. Without having a clear idea of the final images, Ralph Christian gave us the creative freedom to explore all possibilities.

We knew our research would take longer than usual, but we accepted the challenge. We researched visual trends and took inspiration from the high-end luxury watch industry as well as our client’s competition to find our way. Soon, we were ready to send Ralph Christian a creative brief. We began creating 3D models and developing CGI. After tackling the extensive research, we had confidence in our ideas.

  • Video animations for handcrafted timepieces
  • Getting help with product video animation
  • Putting the brand’s personality into the picture
  • Creative video animation in no time with CGI

After we presented our first drafts, Ralph Christian’s vision became clearer. Their feedback helped us better understand their expectations. Our client wanted to give their images a unique twist. As a CGI photography studio, we know how important it is to reflect a brand’s personality. We showcased the watchmaker’s brand identity by adjusting the camera angles, lighting and backgrounds. Throughout the creative process, the client reviewed our work and give us feedback.

CGI makes it easy to create high-quality product animations. Even without a physical copy of the product, we can create a 3D model and start creating scenes. Many clients enter the CGI process without a clear vision in mind, and their expectations evolve throughout the process. We know how to highlight a brand’s personal style and boost e-commerce. To get started, all they needed were a few reference images of their product and sources of inspiration to start the creative process.

Watch product video animation

Are you looking for a way to promote your timepieces in a modern and stylish way? Video animation blends the artistry of your watch with interesting camera movement and lighting. Add a song into the mix and you’ve got a spot that will bring attract your potential customers to your website. 

Watch photography for Ralph Christian
Luxury watch photography back render image
Creative CGI watch product photography on branch

We’ve helped several manufacturers and watch makers already. Check out our portfolio and see the final images whether we’d be a good fit for your next campaign on YouTube or Instagram.

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