Showcasing Timothy London: A 3D visual journey into the world of premium travel cases

London, UK
3D animation
March 2023

What is one of the most important items you should take with you when traveling? A sturdy, spacious, and yet fashionable suitcase! How do you choose from so many options? Get ready to meet a brand that knows the importance of quality travel gear – Timothy London.

With the official launch just around the corner, our team put all their dedication and experience into this project and completed it within a tight deadline. The result? Beautiful, realistic renderings of travel cases that show meticulous attention to specific details, textures, and materials, regardless of the angles

  • Fast results, cost-efficient, and convenient collaboration
  • Ideal for pre-lunch and crowdfunding
  • Several size and color variation
  • Stand-alone and promotional animations and videos

Although the physical suitcases are still in production, our client wanted to see what they would look like. Using CGI, 3D renderings, and animations, we brought the prototypes to life. We detailed the durability, materials, and ergonomic design aspects of the cases while highlighting the unique elements of their brand through relevant imagery, close-ups, and standalone animations. So, we helped them in the pre-launch phase by providing them with relevant material that they could use for their advertising campaigns.

As the physical sets were still in production, our client wanted to try out different sizes and colors for their cases. With just a few adjustments, we were able to offer them several variations. Our team created over 200 images showing different angles, aspects, and details, ensuring that every element was realistically represented.

Finally, we put together all the puzzle pieces to create fluid, eye-catching, and easy-to-understand product animations and standalone videos, helping our client reach the desired target audience.

Impress with simplicity

Say hello to Timothy, a British brand of premium travel goods, born of superior design and engineering excellence, where everything we make has been created to look beautiful and work beautifully too.

How it works

15 years in the making

It’s taken 15 years of working closely with the world’s leading luggage manufacturers to develop Timothy. And to make it, undoubtedly, the perfect travelling companion.

Timothy london website in green color with animations and parallax effects