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At first glance, making images for Amazon catalogs may seem like a routine project. But that’s not the case with our recent client – Glownique (Canada, Ontario). They wanted creative, striking images which would highlight the luxury status of their products. They hired a local photographer, but weren’t satisfied with the results. Later they discovered the benefits of CGI photography, and reached out to us.

As soon as we gathered all the necessary information, we began our intensive workflow. All we used was just a couple of reference images to get the modeling right, and a conversation to feel the mood of the project. In just 3 days, we came up with a demo-render. This project really illustrates our vision, on how product photography should be done – fast and efficient

  • Shifting from traditional photography to CGI
  • Creating marketing content for Amazon
  • Convenience and ease-of-use
  • Fast turnaround and visual precision

Communicating with clients is one of the most crucial elements in our work, and in no time we had a video conversation with them to get a better understanding of their vision and desires about this project. Getting feedback form Glownique was very productive, it gave us the direction in which we could start creating the draft images and developing the layout for the Amazon page.

Glowniqe was satisfied with most images that we delivered them, but as it always happens with big projects, we had to make some minor changes to some images. Luckily, this was not an issue. Glowniqe was very active and responsive in terms of giving feedback, and this directly affected how fast we got every single image matched to their needs and preferences.

makeup brushes photography renderings project and Photoshop work creating infographics for Amazon

After a failed photoshoot with a local product photographer, I reached out to Welpix for CGI photography on our first product and came out fantastic. Thank you so much.

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