Ibraheem Al Qurashi – Abaq Pomegranate perfume campaign

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We work with many clients in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Ibrahim Al Qurashi is definitely one of them. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on an interesting campaign for their perfume, Abaq Pomegranate. This project was presented to us with a very tight deadline.

In just a few days, we had to model the perfume in 3D and create several scenes with product ingredients like pomegranate and berries, and set the whole thing in motion. That’s never a problem with CGI because we can turn around projects like this quickly in 3D.

Moreover, this perfume project went through several changes and revisions before the client was completely satisfied with it. And that’s where CGI really shines because changes in 3D are sometimes just a matter of minutes, compared to traditional photography or videography.

Another great advantage of 3D video campaigns is that we can extract still images from the 3D scenes. These images can also be used later for various marking and advertising purposes, making CGI a great product photography alternative.

Great photography alternative

Whether you’re in Saudi Arabia, Europe, or North America, it makes no difference. All we need is a few images of your product and we can create it in 3D. CGI is a great alternative to product photography.

How it work

Final perfume animation

Here you can see the finished animation we created for Ibraheem Al Qurashi,  Abaq Pomegranate Perfume. It’s a simple but effective presentation that reveals the beautiful design of the product while conveying the fruity ingredients of this perfume.

3D still life photography

Below you can see an example of how still images from animation can be used effectively for marketing purposes. In this case for a header of an Ibraheem Al Qurashi Facebook page.

Ibrahim Al Qurashi Facebook