Website banners. CGI jewelry photography project for Peora Jewelry – Los Angeles, USA

Client: Peora Jewelry
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Category: CGI, Jewelry
Date: Sep. 2020

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Peora Jewelry were an existing jewelry photography client who required a range of creative banners for their new website. Making jewelry products stand out in a highly competitive and visual industry is essential, and unique CGI photography was the way forward in this case. Before, Peora Jewelry opted for traditional studio photography and shipped their pieces to me for shooting.

Peora Jewelry decided to switch our work to CGI and rendering, which allowed their stunning website banners to be created from scratch using only a few simple reference images. Taking shipping out of the equation allowed the project to progress more efficiently and with minimal hassle for the client.

Creative studio photography allowed me to capture each and every detail beautifully. Having originally opted for traditional studio photography, we had been experiencing some logistical issues with shipping products, that were adding unnecessary extra time to the project. I took the opportunity to introduce Peora Jewelry to CGI product photography as a potential way forward.

Another great advantage of 3D video campaigns is that we can extract still images from the 3D scenes. These images can also be used later for various marking and advertising purposes, making CGI a great product photography alternative.

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