Creative Product Video of Eyelashes Cosmetic Product of Muse Beauty – North Carolina, USA

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This beauty brand wished to portray a simple product in the most creative and memorable way possible. Using cinematic techniques, we created an impactful 45s product video that captured their audience’s attention with ease. 

One of the standout features of this product video is the seamless interaction between striking visuals and custom sound. To produce the distinctive soundtrack, we edited an existing song, curating audio specifically suited to the brand and product.

Muse Beauty featured their product video on their website and social media platforms, and this unique advertising approach generated plenty of attention for the brand, who received compliments from customers and competitors alike. 

Muse Beauty received their final product video in various formats, including wide for YouTube and square for Instagram. Whatever dimensions you require for your website or other platforms, we can deliver this for you with ease.