Helping Laverne promoting their scent with perfume video animation

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Laverne, our new client from Saudi Arabia reached out to us after finding our studio on the Internet. To cut down on time and costs, Laverne decided to animate their latest perfume with CGI exclusively. They sent us a few reference images and videos for inspiration, and we were ready to send them a creative brief.

Laverne gave us creative freedom to choose the music. One option would have been to commission the voiceover with a professional studio. Instead, we ran our client’s copy through the AI narration service, saving weeks with just a few clicks. This gave us more time to perfect the Laverne’s perfume video animation.

  • How Laverne saved time and money by giving us creative freedom
  • The ingredients for a successful product video animation
  • Tell your story with music and AI-generated voiceover
  • Different platforms. Different formats. Same breeze with CGI

Laverne wanted us to create something original to highlight the brand’s unique style. We designed each background according to one of the perfume’s six main ingredients. These included fire-cured tobacco leaves, jasmine or amber, for example. Next, we assembled props and set up effective camera movements.

The final clips are part of an online marketing campaign. We exported the animations to various video formats. This project is another example of how CGI is a great tool for modern entrepreneurs. We combined our talent and knowledge to create a dramatic video animation for a perfume that’s worth watching.

Presentation without limits

There are no limits to the props and materials thanks to CGI. Place your product in virtually any environment, adjust the backdrop, light, shadows. The video is an example of a “clay style” 3D model of the final animation. Later, adding textures and light creates the final realism that makes CGI so popular

Different platforms, different formats

The final video animation is used in the product description page as well as on different social media channels the company uses for promotion.

Perfume video animation example