Interesting watch photography project combining art and technology into one unique presentation – Slovakia, EU

Client: Easy case
Location: Slovakia, EU
Category: Fashion Accessories
Date: Jun. 2019

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Easycase were in need of imagery and animation to make their watches stand out amongst a sea of competitors. When marketing products your viewers see every day, stunning and interesting visuals are an absolute must.

Creating contrast needn’t always be about colour or shading. Here we creatively contrasted Easycase’s pristinely intricate pieces with the chaos of plain broken vases, highlighting the watches’ exquisite details.

Once Easycase received their striking still imagery created using traditional studio photography, we worked together to make eye-catching video that complimented their images and branding perfectly.

We incorporated crisp and clear sound into their product video, ensuring the audio blended seamlessly with the product’s imagery and feel. As a studio and CGI photographer, it’s important to be aware of these extra details.

Behind the scenes video

Preparation and precision were key in creating this fresh, clean and simple animation that effectively captivated Easycase’s viewers.