Helping Alfajr selling their new prayer wall clock on Amazon

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A company called Alfajr approached us to showcase their product, a hanging prayer wall clock for users of the Islamic faith. Our client wanted to optimize their online marketing campaign for success on Amazon. CGI photography is ideal for boosting e-commerce and highlighting products like Alfajr’s clock. Using simple camera movements, we gave the wall clock a chance to shine from different angles.

In order for our client to showcase the wall clock on a variety of websites, they needed more than one size option. We created three different sizes of each image and a video animation. Each version had a different aspect ratio. This gave Alfajr the ability to launch their marketing campaign on the many platforms they use to promote their prayer wall clock. Professional post-

  • Simple product photography for e-commerce
  • First video animation. Then still images.
  • Multiple image and video formats in one click
  • Video and image post production

When given the task of creating video animation and still images, most would start with the simpler of the two – still images. But we thought differently. After struggling to find the best possible angle for Alfajr’s wall clock, we saved time and developed three video animations first. Each animation is a sequence of still images. This allowed us to choose the best six images from a whole arsenal of possibilities.

production of the video animations and images gives the final touch that makes images pop. Although our 3D and 2D scenes were realistic, they still benefited from post-processing. To achieve the perfect lighting and sharpness, we applied filters and color corrections. This final editing increased the realism and put our client’s product on display.

Get your shot right. Every time

Playing with the composition just got easier. With CGI, the 3D scene gets updated until it fits your vision.

Prayer wall clock azan clay model

Help your visitors shopping

With CGI, your options for creating images that stand out are literally limitless. Get your e-commerce images portray your products in the best light. Your customer will appreciate it.

prayer wall clock

Unlimited props for every scene

With the help of CGI (Computer-generated imagery) there are basically no limits as to what props enter the scene. In this case, we built a 3D bookshelf for this image.

Free to choose any environment

The 3D technology allows as to build any environment that suits our creative needs. Here, we placed the prayer clock on a wall of a virtual 3D modeled living room. 

Prayer wall clock rendered clay model image
Prayer wall clock on dark wall

Try CGI photography for your product today!

Whether you are drop shipping your products or you manufacture them, getting high-quality photography of your product is as easy as sharing a few reference of it and some images or links for inspiration.

Prayer wall clock rendered clay model imagePrayer wall clock image rendered in Blender