How Peora made Christmas special with CGI photography – Los Angeles, USA

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The craftsmen of Peora always want to treat their customers with something special during the holidays. Since jewelry is one of the most popular picks for a Christmas gift, their offer also gets all unique and well presented on their website.

For this assignment, we reused existing 3D models of Peora’s jewelry along with original gift boxes and other props like the twigs and Christmas balls for the final composition. Getting all of these elements together is the creative part of our work..

The advantage of working in 3D is the versatility during the whole process. In this case, we arranged the composition, applied the materials and set up the lightning in order to create a hero image that grabs the attention of visitors and showcases the product. 

For this purpose, we place a transparent mock-up of the actual website in front of the virtual camera view. This helps us adjusting the composition so other elements like copy and call-to-action buttons fit once the image is on the web

Watch the Video

Watch the video explaining the process and thinking behind this project to better understand, what we did in this particular case

Utilizing CGI was the perfect means to approach this project as it allowed us the most creative freedom with the least friction possible. Martin was incredibly receptive to the feedback and quickly adjusted scenes to reflect our needs. We’re thrilled with the results.

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