Creative Jewelry Photography with Ring on White Lace

Creative jewelry photography of diamond ring

And the saga continue. Here is another creative jewelry photography setup, I completed as part of a series of photographs for Mikus Diamonds. For this project, the client wanted to evoke feelings of heritage. They wanted a symbolic prop and background that resonated with the region.

The cotton lace use to be very particularly popular in our culture. Most people will recognize the netting and patterns. It is often associated with their grandmothers. The white material has been handwoven for centuries in Slovakia and the neighboring European states. The client believes that this will create a positive reaction in the local customer base. It surfaces a feeling of nostalgia and heritage when looking at the image.

The creative jewelry photography setup

The process here was like that of other creative jewelry photography. I kept the lighting consistent, exactly how I did before on the gemstones with flowers photographs. Before photographing a fine item, like a diamond ring, is to ensure it is clean from any smudge marks. Start by polishing and cleaning the piece, as every little imperfection shows up in the image.

First, I laid a clear pane of glass for the surface. On top of this, I glued the ring into the center of the glass with hot-glue gun. Then, I surrounded the ring with a length of lace. This handmade, cotton lace in white, complimented the color of the ring. It is so important to use the right prop or accessory when shooting jewelry.

Next, I removed the lace and shot the ring . To achieve this, I used a narrow, cone-shaped filter on the lens. I wanted to ensure the fine detail in the diamond, and the actual ring, was visible in the final image. With creative jewelry photography, it is important to ensure you capture the intricacy and quality of the product. The backdrop and accessories should not deter the viewers’ eyes from the subject.

To end

What I appreciate in this image is the reflection of the lace at the bottom of the ring. There was no compositing or editing used to achieve this. It is a real reflection, which gives the final image that raw and real feeling. Both the ring and white lace paired well with the glacial blue glass underneath.

When photographing jewelry in a creative setting, it is easy to forget about consistency and reflection. Pay attention to the small things, like the interior of the ring, or how the cotton shows up on the glass. By using the right composition and lighting, it ensures a professional and quality end product.

The diamond ring on white lace is a striking image, and both the client and I, believe that it will appeal to the local customer base. Further, the heritage and symbolism shine through in the use of the lace. The photograph will appear in print, billboard and digital form.

I hope you enjoyed the explanation of this creative jewelry photography approach. Please leave your comments below, I’m interested in your thoughts.