Jewelry Photography – Diamond Ring on Volcanic Sand

Diamond ring

This photograph was completed for Mikuš Diamonds, as part of a series of images for their range of diamond rings. As mentioned previously, jewelry photography is complex, with each piece having its own unique style and story, so I will try to create tutorials around each image.

For this image, we selected a moody background that really contrasted with the colors of the ring. The ring is white gold and diamond-encrusted. The client spoke about a previous image they had of a ring resting on a layer of volcanic ash. I started to research ways on how to naturally create a dark, textured bed of stone that matched their descriptions.

You can find the black sand at any pet shop (typically labelled for aquarium use). Also, the final image used a pattern that took multiple attempts to discover. The ring was placed in the center of this circular pattern. I used only low-hanging lighting, which created the atmosphere.

As with the other shoot of a diamond ring in the flowers, I took pictures of the ring separately. Which means the final image is a composite. It is safer to separate the two objects, as the ring is small, and any contrast will show up in the reflection of the gold. To achieve a circular appearance in the ring, I created a cone out of diffused plastic materials. This is especially useful for jewelry photography.

Finishing it off

Finally, I experimented with different patterns and I came up with this circular one what I’m placing during right in the middle, and I’m using only low-key lighting who created the atmosphere. Furthermore, I must add that to visually ensure the sand and ring worked together, I photographed it on a black surface.

I hope you enjoyed this explanation of how I achieved the final look for this specific piece of jewelry photography. Please leave your comments below and remember to subscribe to my mailer.