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Emerald necklace photography project for Mikus Diamonds

Among so many amazing pieces of the jewelry, the emerald necklace has made itself to be one of the most top best accessories in the women. It is based on two unique forms of Colombian…

Colombian treasure
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Among so many amazing pieces of the jewelry, the emerald necklace has made itself to be one of the most top best accessories in the women. It is based on two unique forms of Colombian emeralds weighting around 7 carats. They are pure green in color quality.

The main reason why emerald necklace is becoming so much popular in the world is because of the color combination. They have the incredible shaping cut in the jewelry artwork. The earring style concept is completely fit into the 44 different sets of pieces. It is made out of some colorless diamonds. You can achieve them right into the shape of the tears. They are available in the awnings in terms of the premium quality of VVS. They have a total weight that is around 6.70 carats. As you can view in the necklace photography, the whole necklace has been settled with the one central dominant emerald. It is derived from Colombia. It weighs around 4 carats and this particular piece set was made again by Mikuš Diamonds

Primary Properties of Emerald Necklace Piece

Emerald has made itself one of the topmost amazing gemstones. This is for the reason of giving it a complete feel of the natural outlook. It is filled upon with the lush green beauty of the gem. This makes it look striking, but at the same time the crystal finishing of the gemstone adds extra charm. This makes it one of the most wanted and attractive stones. It is the king in the world of jewelry. They have the soft texture nature, unlike the rubies or sapphires. As they are delicate in nature, therefore,you need to take care of it. You should follow with some precautions and complete care. They can be more prone to the breakage of wear tear because of the soft nature of the stones. They have the hardness that is completely varying from 7-8 over the Moh’s scale.

My Approach To Necklace Photography

Have a look at how I have presented the photography outlook of the emerald necklace for you that add an extra charm in the whole beauty of the necklace piece. I combined the whole project with the mixture of the greenery outlook where I have used some fresh green leaves to add an effect of charismatic nature in it. I placed the leaves all over the light gradient created on black, back-pained glass and in the middle of the glass I located the stunning emerald necklace with stones around.

The whole theme of the photography was basically about the actual representation of the Columbian forests. The use of leaves represent the image of forests in the middle of which the treasure of emerald necklace is hidden! So much hard work and dedication has been rest upon in showing this image with a feel of forest and nature reality.

Popularity of Emerald Necklace Stone Jewelry

Emerald gemstone has made itself to be one of the most top favorite stones in the world. They have a long history. They have a royal presence for the last long centuries. Queen of Egypt used to wear emerald jewelry pieces daily. The very first emerald mine was established in place of Egypt. You might have probably caught so many famous celebrities wearing this gemstone in award events and red carpet functions. This fact made this gemstone jewelry to remain as the center of attraction of the people.

Emerald stone has the superior edge finishing that is another one of the main qualities of the emerald gemstone. They are the perfect symbol of youth that is entirely eternal. It is also a significant sign of mercy and love. They have great astrological importance that eventually make it one of the top recommended ones.