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Photographing pearl jewelry for Mikus Diamonds

The rarity of pearl jewelry has made it a worldwide sensation. Hence the people are often hunting for authentic pearl jewelry that they could invest in. The ladies of the Royal Family pride itself on…

jewelry photography
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The rarity of pearl jewelry has made it a worldwide sensation. Hence the people are often hunting for authentic pearl jewelry that they could invest in. The ladies of the Royal Family pride itself on owning a large collection of pearl necklace. They love to wear pearl rings. Plus they often consider buying pearl jewelry as a souvenir to their collection of accessories.

Background of the project

Still life photography is my niche, and I couldn’t be more proud of what I do. I was approach by Mikus Diamonds to capture breathtaking images of their pearl jewelry pieces, and I was beyond happy to oblige to the rarity of the project. When the client explained the requirements of the project to me, I knew exactly what I needed to do, and I started assembling jewelry pieces that would be the star of my pearl jewelry photography. I choose a minimalistic theme for my jewelry photography, and I carefully placed the swan jewelry piece into the water. I added a ripple effect to the water and took stills of the momentous prop.

Behind the scenes of the photography

However, the representative of the jewelry house has a special collection of irregular pearls. They are mold up into the shape of a swan-shaped jewel. The jewelry piece was an epitome of elegance, and uniqueness. It is a complete intrinsic aesthetic value. Hence all of these elements integrate out into a singular essence. This is to appease the senses of pearl jewelry buyers.

Choosing the perfect jewelry piece

Choosing the perfect jewelry piece doesn’t come to you so easily. Hence you cannot simply look at a collection of jewelry piece and decide to make it your muse for your photography. It results in indulging in rarity. Hence no one is further able to take a step further, especially when one refuses to take any accountability for compromises. When the foundation of your work is absorb on quality, you are not at all satisfy with anything in the world. This is unless your work speaks high volume of perfection and flawless.

I needed to feel captivated for my photography session. hence I couldn’t have compromised with simply choosing any jewelry piece. Whereas until this swan-shaped jewelry piece caught my eye! At the end it made me feel inspired. The jewelers, committed to the vision, took their time to manufacture the product. Therefore the final product was nothing but, absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

A beautiful swan-shaped jewelry piece is hard to find. Hence it was an honor for me to capture the imagery of the jewelry piece. I found it in the most artistically minimalistic way. The jewelry piece is an emblem of swan. It is all set with the combination of pearl and stone work.

I couldn’t simply place the jewelry piece somewhere and capture images. I needed to feel inspired; therefore, I started thinking of ways that could help me with capturing the true essence of the jewelry piece. Capturing run-of-the-mill image wouldn’t simply justify my work as a photographer, nor it would do anything to capture the true grace of the jewelry piece.

Choosing the final end product

As I said, justifying the beauty and grace of the jewelry piece isn’t sufficient on its merits. Therefore I created two versions of the image. This would be further approved by the owner of Mikus Diamonds. I cannot wait to see the final product of my work. I am sure that it resonates with the liking and preferences of pearl jewelry owners.