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Tiifa winner - tokyo international foto award winner

Silver at Tokyo International Foto Awards 

The Tokyo International Foto Award (TIFA) is an international competition in photography that is dedicated to identifying and rewarding talented…

Read time: 1 min
Still Life Photography Tutorials and Education | Commercial Photography Course

Still Life Photography Tutorials & Education for Photographers

Hello friends and fellow photographers. Those who follow my work know I have been creating short video tutorials and tips around still…

Read time: 1 min
Still life photography concept

Paper art concept. Personal still life photography project

Recently, I have been experimenting a little bit with paper and light and I come up with some interesting shapes…

Read time: 1 min..
DIY diffusion panels for still life photography

Make your own diy diffusion panels for still life photography

Light diffusion panels cost very little when you make them yourself, and to do so is very simple. I can’t…

Read time: 3 min
Still life photography of Nail polish in sand waves

Tips on how to improve your still life photography work

Today we shall discuss some of the most common mistakes I encounter when looking at still-life photographs. The last few…

Read time: 2 min
Nail Polish Dropping into Paint - Still life photography - Nail Polish Photography

Still Life Photography of Nail Polish Dropping into Paint

Here is another still life photography project in the “Splash? series where I have been working with cosmetic products for…

Read time: 3 min
Still life photography of Nail polish on ceramic sculpture

Still Life Photography of Nail Polish on Broken Ceramic

One of the best project of still life photography of Nail Polish on broken ceramic. Your hands are the best…

Read time: 2 min
Nail Polish Dropping into Paint - Still Life Photography of nail polish

Still Life Photography of Nail Polish in Whirlpool of Splash The Brief For this project, I was tasked with creating hero images for a cosmetic brand. They commisioned me…

Read time: 2 min
Autumn jewelry Photography - Creative Jewelry Photography

Photographing jewelry in color of autumn

Here we look at a still life photograph of bracelets. The client asked for a banner image on their website…

Read time: 2 min
Perfect perfume product photography - Perfume Bottle lighting

Photographing perfume bottle in burst of light and shadow

In this post, I want to discuss what I have been working on and show you how to approach still…

Read time: 2 min
Perfume photography - Perfume Bottle Photography

Unveiling perfume bottle with one-light setup

Still life photography is an interesting genre and one I am very much fascinated by. If you are familiar with…

Read time: 2 min
Perfume photography - Photographing Perfume Packaging - Perfume Box Photography

Photographing perfume packaging using everyday objects

As a still life photographer, I spend a lot of time in studio experimenting with different types of products. In…

Read time: 2 min
Wine photography

Working with ordinary materials for a wine photography project

In celebration of having been in this studio for one year, I decided to match the subject of this still…

Read time: 3 min
Paper Sculpting Still Life Photography

Paper sculpting and discovering new concepts

Discovering new ways to photograph still life is very important to me. I love to explore these new ideas in…

Read time: 2 min
Photographing Bags - Bag Product Photography

Photographing bags for a Swiss brand Fabo design

Fusce vel nulla commodo, molestie odio interdum, lacinia leo. Sed interdum lacinia nisl, ut interdum mi lacinia sed. Proin nec…

Read time: 2 min