Watch product photography styles and trends

Watch product photography styles is one aspect you need to consider before you even take your first shot. As e-commerce timepiece companies invest increasingly more in their marketing budgets, the variety of styles available will allow you…

Watch product photography styles and trendsWatch product photography styles and trends
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Watch product photography styles is one aspect you need to consider before you even take your first shot. As e-commerce timepiece companies invest increasingly more in their marketing budgets, the variety of styles available will allow you to keep up with the competition without breaking the bank.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “styles make fights” in boxing, and in that respect, watch product photography is no different. Styles really provide a basic framework for shooting your watch. They give you a lot of variety in terms of the final images you want to use. Furthermore, different styles are tailored to different mediums, which makes it much easier for you to decide where to post your visual content.

This article will serve as your guide to the world of product photography for watches and help you choose the right style for your watch, your chosen marketing platform, and your budget – so let’s begin!

Minimalist watch photography

Minimalist watch photography
Minimalist watch photography

Minimalist watch photography focuses on simplicity, clean lines, shadows, and neutral colors. When it comes to watches, the minimalist style is designed to help the viewer better understand the elegance that emphasizes functionality over aesthetics. In minimalist watch photography, the focus is on showcasing that functionality without any distractions or clutter. This means that the background should be simple and unobtrusive, allowing the viewer to focus their attention on the timepiece itself.

Lifestyle watch photography

Lifestyle watch photography is another style of watch photography that captures the lifestyle and personality of the wearer. The approach to product photography that emphasizes the integration of a watch into a person’s life, rather than merely highlighting its features, is referred to as lifestyle. Lifestyle watch photography requires creativity and attention to detail, as it should reflect not only the look of the product, but also the feelings of the wearer.

While studio and white background shots focus on the details and design elements of the watch, lifestyle photography emphasizes context and storytelling. The images often show people wearing the watches in real-life situations, such as hiking or attending events. In this way, potential customers can not only imagine themselves wearing the products, but also build an emotional connection to them.

High-end luxury watch photography

High-end luxury watch photography is a specialized field of product photography that brings out the beauty and elegance of high-end watches. Watch product photography is a style of watch that highlights the craftsmanship, design, and features of these pieces in a visually stunning way. Photographing high-end luxury watches requires not only technical skill, but also an artistic eye to create images that appeal to and captivate potential buyers.

There are several styles of luxury watch photography, each with its characteristics. One popular style is close-up or macro, which focuses on capturing intricate details such as the dial, hands, and movement mechanics of the watches. Another style is lifestyle or context shots, in which watches are photographed in natural settings, such as on the wrist or compared to other objects like books or cars, to evoke emotion and tell stories.

Vintage watch photography

Vintage watch photography
Vintage watch photography

Vintage watch photography is about capturing the essence of the era in which the watch was made through design, color and overall impression. By capturing these elements, vintage watch photography can take the viewer back in time and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The aspect that sets vintage watch photography apart from other styles is the attention to detail. Photographers must pay attention to every detail to ensure that the history and character of the watch is accurately portrayed. This ranges from scratches on the case to worn leather straps.

In addition, the photographer must use lighting techniques that emphasize texture and detail to bring out all aspects of the product. This may include using special filters or natural light sources such as sunlight or candlelight.

Creative and artistic watch photography

Creative and artistic watch photography is about capturing the essence of a watch model in an imaginative way. It is about adding a unique touch that is different from normal product photography.

Currently, a popular style of creative watch photography is depicting watches in action-packed situations. This type of photography depicts watches while people are doing exciting things, like skiing, driving, or going to fancy events.

Another trend is macrophotography, where photographers take close-ups to highlight intricate details on the dial and bracelet of watches. Macro shots help highlight designs that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Bold and dramatic watch photography

Conveying emotion is an important factor in appealing to your target audience. Bold and dramatic watch photography highlights the distinctive features of a timepiece in a touching way. This style features deep shadows, strong contrasts, and bold colors that capture the essence of luxury and sophistication. Bold and dramatic, watch photography aims to create an emotional connection with potential buyers through a strong visual narrative.

To achieve this effect in your watch product photography, you need to pay attention to lighting and composition. By using directional lighting techniques such as side lighting or backlighting, you can add depth and dimensionality to your images. In addition, careful composition can help you highlight the most significant features of your watch while minimizing distractions from other elements in the scene.

Black and white watch photography

Black and white watch photography
Black and white watch photography

Fancy something retro? – Then black and white watch photography is just what you need! It is a classic style of watch product photography that has stood the test of time. This style features monochrome hues that create a dramatic effect and highlight the details and features of the watch. Black and white watch photography is a popular choice for luxury brands, as it adds an extra layer of sophistication to their products. This style offers something unique in the world of watch product photography, making it a popular choice for brands looking to showcase their products in a creative way.

Action watch photography

If you want to market your watch on social media, action and fast-paced scenes are a must. Action watch photography is often used by brands that aim to present their watches in an exciting and dynamic way.

A trend we like is to photograph the watch in mid-air, as if it had just been dropped from someone’s wrist. To give the impression of movement, photograph the watch on a moving surface, such as a treadmill or bicycle wheel. Some photographers also use water or other liquids to add a touch of drama and excitement to their shots.

Natural and organic watch photography

Natural and organic watch photography
Natural and organic watch photography

If quick visual content is too much for you, you can also photograph your watch in a natural and organic setting. Unlike traditional product photography, which typically involves sharp, clean shots of watches against a white background, natural, and organic watch photography aims to showcase the timepiece in a more authentic setting. A key element of this style is the use of natural light. Instead of bright studio lights, photographers look for natural light sources such as windows or outdoor areas to capture the watch in its most flattering form.

Modern and futuristic watch photography

Show your customers the future thanks to your timepiece. The modern and futuristic approach to watch photography involves the use of innovative techniques, creative lighting and unique angles to capture the essence of the watch. Macrophotography for watches is one modern trend that has caught our eye. This technique involves taking detailed shots of the watch that highlight its intricate details in a way that no other style can. Another trend is the integration of high-tech features such as 360-degree videos or interactive images that allow customers to view the product from all angles before making a purchase.

Watch photography with models or people

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Using models for your watch product photography will help consumers feel more attached to your product. This style of photography adds an element of lifestyle and personality to the product, making it more relatable and appealing to potential customers.

There are several trends of watch product photography that involve models or people. A more effective approach would be to employ lifestyle shots in which the model is shown wearing the watch in a natural setting, such as at home, outdoors, or engaged in an activity. Another style involves presenting the watch as part of a fashion statement by highlighting how it pairs with different outfits and accessories.


As the world of e-commerce continues to grow, product photography of watches is becoming increasingly important for brands to stand out from their competitors. In this article, we have explored the different trends in watch product photography and how they can be used to showcase a brand’s unique identity. From minimalist and clean images to lifestyle shots that tell a story, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to capturing the perfect shot.

That’s where we come in handy to help you find the right style of product photography. At Welpix, we use only the best tools to help you achieve your goals faster, cheaper, and more conveniently than anywhere else. If you’d like to learn more about us and our work, schedule your FREE consultation call with one of our experts, and we’ll show you the wonderful results we can achieve for you.


What are the different watch product photography styles I can use to showcase my watches effectively?

Watch product photography styles are an important thing to consider if you find yourself in this market, and you can choose from a variety of styles such as minimalistic, vintage, black and white, lifestyle, and many more.

What are some effective ways to present watch product photos on my online store?

The best watch product photography styles for e-commerce stores are lifestyle, modern, vintage, high-end, black and white, and artistic. Tune into this article to learn more about each one!

How can I make my watch product photos stand out from competitors in the market?

To stand out from the competition, you must choose some styles that are rarely met in their visual content. Some examples of that would be the bold and dramatic, vintage, and black and white styles.

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