Creative Product Photography

Get unfair advantage with CGI product photography for your eCommerce website

Creative watch photography Creative watch product photography

1. Minimalistic

Simple is beautiful. Take advantage of this minimalistic approach in creative photography and simplify your product presentation. 

2. With Props

Enhance your uniqueness with creativity. Employ the limitless possibilities of CGI photography with props and let your orders be the proof.

3. Composited

Combine 3D models of your products with stock images with compositing. Life-style product photography can affordable.

Simple is beautiful. Whether you’re just starting your first eCommerce website or you are a seasoned merchandiser, our minimalistic CGI product photography can be a great way to enhance your visitors’ shopping experience. Think within these four areas while planning your product images


With the goal in mind, skillfully assembled composition is always the foundation of a strong and original image.


The choices are unlimited here. Matching your product’s materials and textures will bring hyper-realistic results that count. 


Professional lighting is what makes the pictures click. Using professional lighting techniques help you get noticed. 


Whether looking for a stylish color palette or you need to match the colors of your brand—we’ve got you covered.


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3D modeling of your product is a one-time fee. The price will depend on the complexity of your product.

Time to get noticed. With the limitless possibilities of creative photography on props, you can bring attention to your product, while keeping your unique identity.

In just six easy steps, we can work together to create the perfect visuals for your product and your brand. From making the 3D model of your product to composition to adjusting the colors—you are in control all along. All in the name of professional images of your products.

1. 3D Modeling

No need to ship physical products. A few pictures taken with your smartphone will do. After that, you will receive a realistic 3D model for review.  

2. Composition

Balanced composition is what makes the image. Positioning your products on props or different camera angles is where you start.

3. Props

Using different objects will improve the overall composition. Risers of different shapes will surely bring your product into a whole new perspective.

4. Material

Choosing stylish meterials and textures for the props and background of your composition will bring attention to your new product images.

5. Color

Choosing the right colors sets the right mood of your scene. Here, we will match your product’s colors or follow your brand-manual.

6. Lightning

Our real-life studio lightning techinques are our strength. Combining the knowlede of professional lightning in 3D software is where we shine.



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3D modeling of your product is a one time fee. The price will depend on the complexity of your product.

Composited product photography

Combining 3D models of your products with professional stock images will bring a realistic look to your product photography. You can easily place your product into virtually any environment. Thanks to a 3D software and seamless image manipulation, we can create naturally looking images of your products.

Stock images

Choose from a vast number of professional stock images and use them as a natural background for your product images.

3D model

We can seamlessly blend your 3D model with stock images. That way the light, perspective and colors match naturally.



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3D modeling of your product is a one time fee. The price will depend on the complexity of your product. We will also require the stock image you want us to use. 

Custom product photography

We hope, we could bring at least some light into our creative product photography processes and what they can do for you. In case you have a specific vision for your product or need a custom solution, you have our full attention. You are welcome to bring your ideas to the table, and we will give you the best of ourselves. No need to compromise. Time to shine.

Individual approach

By understanding your product and knowing your unique needs we can help you better in communicating your vision to your audience.

Tailored solutions

The more time we spend knowing your goals and objectives the easier it is for us to serve you. Contact us and let’s start the discussion.  

Faster turnaround

Join us via a group video call, collaborate on your images or video with online mood boards and get your visuals delivered in no time.


Let’s get to know each other more and define your goals. Through open and focused discussion we can get done more in less time.



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3D modeling of your product is a one time fee. The price will depend on the complexity of your product.

Product video & animation

Try our 3D product animation service

Let your products get noticed with these three proven motion styles. Camera in motion, light in motion, or your product being animated. By putting things in motion, your product animation will receive a modern look that grabs attention. Whether you prefer to keep the look cinematic or dramatic—you are in full control. Camera, set, action!