How to create CGI product videos that go viral

Go viral with your brand using CGI animation You can bring a lot of exposure to your product with CGI product animation and make it go viral. CGI animation is a fast, more convenient, and…

How to create CGI product videos that go viralHow to create CGI product videos that go viral
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You can bring a lot of exposure to your product with CGI product video animation and make it go viral. The term stands for ‘computer-generated images’ and uses 3D modeling and rendering to create real-like videos of your product.

For example, you can take a few photos of your product, send them to us, then we create a perfect 3D replica of it in minutes. Think of it like digitizing your product using a 3D software. You can use this 3D version of your product with other 3D environments or props, thus creating unique, stunning images or animations. CGI today offers a solid foundation for your marketing needs so you can swiftly incorporate it into your business plan.

Go viral with your brand using CGI animation

Usually, brands invest significant amounts of time and money into traditional methods to acquire images and videos. However, CGI animation is a cost-effective and faster way of producing marketing materials. You can spend less money to create more breathtaking product videos, and in return, your income doubles, your success rises, and more clients want to buy your products.

Additionally, a product video generated with CGI improves your brand image in the audience’s mind. For instance, a brand that respects its image and products will also respect its customers. By using clean and well-defined images and videos in your advertising, the image you create for your brand is one of high quality. Thus, your clients will trust your brand values and products more, knowing they will be treated with care.

CGI animation has become an essential tool in enhancing your brand image, increasing your popularity and revenue, and drawing in more customers. In the upcoming sections, we will elaborate on how you can acquire this type of animation for your products.

Plan for your viral release in three steps

Plan for your viral release in three steps 
Plan for your viral release in three steps 

You only need three elements to make your brand a success – a well-structured plan, a clear goal, and a perfect 3D product model.

When creating a marketing campaign, the audience should be your top priority. It is a widely accepted fact that knowing your target audience is key to achieving success. If you have already made your research, then you can utilize the demographic data you collected. Otherwise, it is best to expand your reach as much as possible to gather data for future campaigns.

To succeed with your video, it is crucial to have a clear business goal and a plan. In today’s fast-paced world, 3D animation can be highly successful if created with a specific target and a clear goal in mind. For example, a fast-paced, concise rendering that showcases your product in a familiar environment is more likely to be well-received. It will attract more attention and serve as an immediate incentive for your clients to acquire the product.

To build a successful brand, you should use at least one professional and realistic 3D rendering. This helps the public identify your product, while placing it in a familiar digital environment makes it more accessible. Simply provide us with a few images of your product, and we will deliver a realistic, lifelike 3D model.

By paying close attention to these three key features, you can ensure a successful viral release for your animation. Now it’s time to put your plan in motion.

Grow your social media influence with a professional CGI product video

Grow your social media influence with a professional CGI product video
Grow your social media influence with a professional CGI product video

Investing in a high-quality CGI product video can be a game-changer for your brand.

In contrast to traditional videography, a 3D rendering will digitalize the process, save resources, and promptly provide you with equivalent results. Having a polished and visually appealing video can make your brand stand out and create a luxurious feeling, putting you ahead of the competition. Additionally, optimizing it, and sharing it on social media can help you achieve excellent results.

Creating a concise and engaging video that captures the essence of your product can be a breakthrough in converting potential customers. We ensure that our CGI animations are realistic, using natural props to ground the product and provide a more immersive experience for viewers. Shorter videos tend to have a higher viewership compared to longer ones, so we focus on producing fast-paced and real-like videos that are easy to understand and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Adding the product video to all your social media campaigns can significantly boost your results. For instance, you can try adding it to your Instagram and Facebook campaigns to reach a wider audience. You should also consider exploring other social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube as we will provide you with all the necessary formats you need – 16:9 for stories and reels, 9:16 for YouTube, and 1:1 for real-life animation. Remain open-minded and explore all the social media possibilities to get the best out of your campaigns.

An investment in a CGI product video presents a great opportunity to optimize and improve your social media performance and is a great alternative to traditional videography. All that’s left is to monitor the results, analyze the data, and repeat the recipe for success.

How to make your products popular online

How to make your products popular online
How to make your products popular online

To achieve higher levels of popularity for your product, it is important to take a proactive approach to your marketing. This includes careful planning, monitoring, strategic adjustments, and collaboration with others.

By monitoring the performance of your advertising campaign, you can determine which methods appeal to your intended audience. By analyzing metrics, feedback, and user engagement, you can identify areas that require optimization, act promptly, reduce losses, and increase profits. If you still feel the results could be better, you can refine your strategy by adding additional elements that attract more people. Book a free consultation with us and we can give you feedback on how to make your product more attractive.

It is essential to adjust your strategy based on the insights and data gathered, as the market is continuously evolving, and new trends emerge almost daily. Constantly evaluate and refine your approach to allign with the latest popular trends. By doing this, you maintain relevance and boost engagement, making your product more appealing.

Additionally, consider collaborating with others, as they can significantly contribute to your growth, expanding your reach and popularity. By partnering with like-minded individuals, influencers, or organizations, you can tap into their already-formed networks and leverage their expertise to amplify your message and attract a broader audience.

Collaborations can take different forms, like joint-marketing campaigns, cross-promotions, or co-creating content, all of which can generate increased visibility and interest in your brand and products.

To achieve increased popularity, a comprehensive approach is necessary, involving careful performance monitoring, strategic adjustments, and collaborations, resulting in improved engagement and overall recognition.

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Wrapping up

To sum up, you can boost your sales and brand recognition with CGI animation. Create fast and concise videos to showcase your product. Add the CGI product video to all your social media campaigns to boost results. Lastly, analyze metrics to identify areas for optimization and adjust your strategy to align with the latest trends.


How do I reach more people with my video?

Consider adding it on social media, like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and use it in your advertising campaigns.

Do I need a CGI video?

If you wish to go viral, then the best choice is to use a professional product video. It will increase your brand image and will attract more customers.

How can I get a CGI product video?

By collaborating with us, you can have a beautiful, unique, and professional product video delivered in all formats so you can use it immediately on every social media platform.

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