Beauty product photography | Jade Roller – Bahamas

Beauty product photography

This is the story of the product photography project I did recently. The client required me to use all the creative cells of my brain to create attractive visuals for their product.

Introduction of the client and how we met

A client from islands of Bahamas contacted me via social media. They introduced a new line of beauty product recently and plan to introduce it to the online market. Their company did extensive research about what they needed to get noticed and start selling. The first and foremost thing to get in the online market, they realized is to get your website together.

What comes your mind when shopping for beauty product online? Product Picture! People like the elegant images of products with a particular taste, and if your brand lacks eye-catching product photos, the likelihood of a client paying attention diminishes. In addition, the exceptional photography of skin care products can be a sign of your professionalism and can serve the purpose of bait for potential customers. 

For this set of pictures, they required a specialized product photographer. They searched for different photographers online who could capture their product in the most attractive way. My name came up quite a lot because they liked the style of photography I do and my rates. Even though they were situated in Bahamas and me in Europe, literally on the opposite sides of the planet, they still decided to go with me. We talked about what they wanted and the pricing. When everything was agreed upon, the next phase of my beauty product photography journey began: The Shipment process.

Taking care of shipment and getting the product in

The client shipped some of the products for sample pictures. Although the company was in the Bahamas, some of their products were manufactured in China. So I received packages from Bahamas and China, which was an arduous task itself with all the shipment charges, custom duties, etc. which I often face but still haven’t got used to, though. Despite all that, I got the packages. I took a deep breath, and I unboxed them took a look at the products. Then I stepped into the next stage journey: The planning.

The scope of work and communicating ideas

With a lot of effort and hard work, I was able to translate their ideas into pictures. All beauty product photographers know that you must understand what is it all about before you take a photo of the product. Additional information about the brand, who is going to see it and what message should be conveyed shall all be discussed prior to the photo-shoot.

The interesting and the most challenging thing about this project was not taking the actual pictures, but I had to be photographed explicitly for a website. I had to photograph them, keeping in mind that these images will be used on a website. A website banners are usually long in length and narrow in width, then the clickable images of the products are generally wider in width and shorter in length. I had to photograph them in such a way so they could tell a story and look aesthetically appealing. So, these photographs had to fit within a specific layout of the website. After communicating the ideas back and forth, I was able to step into the next phase of my beauty product photography journey: The actual photography.

Beauty product photography for the web

For the problems with beauty product photography for the website I have mentioned above, I also have a solution. I use a software that allows me to display the camera live view on the computer screen, also called: “tethering?. I  can automatically focus on a distance or manually adjust the focus. Also, I can zoom in and out to make sure the focus is clear. To improve the image design, the live view can be overlayed with website PNG, which makes my work a bit easier. With the help of the software, the work gets done faster and with more reliable outcomes for the client.

Working with different materials

In beauty product photography, you always want to capture the product in the most attractive way. Sometimes you prefer to take this product and give it a sense of movement, say life. When you take pictures of the product, the most powerful way to bring motion and life to the photo is in my opinion, the element of  water. Because water is life. High-speed photography and water makes the perfect combination to get spectacular images.

I also used broken ceramic in the pictures. There is something about the broken ceramic that is beautiful and unique to capture. I wanted to add this uniqueness to the product photos as well. So, I bought some different, handmade cups and vases and broke them and made sure to include a part of them in the pictures, which created a very interesting and unique look.

I was also using a white background to photograph these products, which proved to be a rather a challenge. But I was happy with the end results as was the client.