Photographing jewelry in color of autumn

Here we look at a still life photograph of bracelets. The client asked for a banner image on their website that would incite interest in the product. Taking advantage of the season in this shoot,…

Photographing jewelry in color of autumnPhotographing jewelry in color of autumn
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Here we look at a still life photograph of bracelets, autumn jewelry. The client asked for a banner image on their website that would incite interest in the product. Taking advantage of the season for this shoot, I decided to head out to the park to find inspiration and subjects to pair with the bracelets.

Choosing the Autumn leaves

First, I collected dried leaves that had fallen from the trees in the park. The leaves had started to curl up and change color. Each leaf was unique in composition, and I picked out a few of the most interesting to pair with the jewelry for the shoot. The idea behind the leaves is to represent the rich tones and atmosphere of Autumn. The purpose of the photograph is to stir interest and create a compelling call to action on the client’s website.

Setting up the scene

The set-up was relatively simple, having used only a few key lights to emphasize the shadows of the leaves and highlight the product. A single, horizontal light source beamed across onto the subject. The unique shapes of the leaves created those dark shadow brushes on the final image.

Don’t rush into setting up the scene. Take your time to carefully plan the layout of the leaves and pick colors that complement each other. I carefully placed some of the most fascinating ones in and among the products. The different sizes and shapes of the leaves make for a more detailed result.

Autumn jewelry Photography
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Lighting the Jewelry

To illuminate the fine details of the jewelry, especially the stars, a honeycomb light was cast down from atop. This captured the intricate metal patterns that had previously been darkened by the shadows. Lighting in a photograph is so important, and it really ties everything in the picture together. When shooting shiny objects, similar to the stars on the bracelets, it is critical to angle and adjust the lighting to bring out the shape. It can happen that the shape or dimensions of a small or shiny object become lost in the background.

Final Result

Again, the final result of the image was almost perfectly achieved just in the setup. The bold Autumn colors juxtaposed with the careful craftsmanship of the bracelets and their accessories made for an exciting shoot. Some light touch-ups and editing sealed the deal, and everybody was delighted with the outcome. Have you tried shooting a still life picture of autumn leaves? I would love to hear from you with your thoughts and comments.

Autumn jewelry Photography - Creative Jewelry Photography
Fall jewelry collection For Dora Fashion

Autumn Jewelry styling

Autumn jewelry styling opens you to endless possibilities. To represent fall, you can just about choose from any element you see fit. Dried leaves, fog, woods, you can incorporate all of these to make an intricate jewelry piece stand out from the crowd – the only limit is your imagination.

Furthermore, if you are shooting photographs for a business, you want to have a clear idea about its brand voice. You want the images you take to resonate with the target audience, therefore increasing the chances of closing a sale. This will streamline your process even further, as now you have a shorter list of items to select from.

After you decide on the props you want to use, it is time to start thinking about lighting. To create the perfect autumn jewelry styling, you want to use one of the most frequently met lighting in this season – natural overcast day lighting. This means your reflective piece of jewelry will shine through this monotone lighting with ease, making it stand out further.

Shadows are another detail you have to always keep in mind, since they can obstruct important features of your jewelry. When you photograph an autumn jewelry piece, you want to ensure that everything is visible and appealing. However, if you struggle with unwanted shadows, you can always use a honeycomb light – you can even take my example. I used it from the top in my image, but don’t hesitate to experiment with other angles as well.

Adding splashes of color is crucial for your jewelry to come alive at this time of the year. This can mean introducing a stronger light, the golden hour being the prime example. Moreover, you can add other bright elements, such as yellow leafs, or thematic fruits and vegetables like grapes or carrots.

Lastly, you should consider the retouching. This can be done in plenty of image editing software, but the ones we use and recommend are Lightroom or Photoshop. Retouching ensures all the impurities and powerful lights and shadows are eliminated for good.

Autumn jewelry Photography
Fall jewelry collection For Dora Fashion


To sum it up, autumn jewelry styling can be done in numerous ways. Fall is a great time of year to capture the beauty of your jewelry in stunning photos. With the right autumn jewelry tips and tricks, you can take beautiful photos that you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. We’ve put together some insightful advice for photographing your jewelry in autumnal environments, from taking advantage of natural light to experimenting with props and shadows.

If you want to use natural light to your advantage, take your time and wait for the golden hour, when the sun is low in the sky and provides the best light. Use different angles, explore different backgrounds like muted colors or rustic wood textures, and experiment with props, like plants, to add texture or interest to your shot. Once you have all these elements together, remember to play with angles – having fun is key!

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What lighting is best for photographing jewelry in autumn?

Natural, cloudy lighting is recommended for jewelry photography in the fall. This type of lighting provides soft, even illumination that allows the jewelry to shine through. However, if shadows become a problem, a honeycomb light can be used to provide additional illumination.

What props should be used when photographing autumn jewelry?

Props for fall jewelry photography can be dried leaves, fog, forests, or other elements that represent the season. It’s important to choose props that complement each other and the jewelry, and reflect the company’s brand voice.

How can the intricate details of jewelry be highlighted in autumn photography?

To highlight the intricate details of jewelry, a honeycomb light can be used to cast a focused light on the jewelry. This type of lighting can highlight the shape and dimension of small or shiny objects, such as stars on a bracelet.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when photographing autumn jewelry?

Common mistakes to avoid when photographing fall jewelry include: using too much or too little light, not paying attention to shadows and reflections, choosing props and backgrounds that do not harmonize with the jewelry, and not planning and setting up the shot carefully. It is also important that you do not over-process the image, as this can result in an unnatural or distorted look.

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