How to find clients for your photography business in 2024

You want to make a living with your passion, and we have the right knowledge to get you there. In today’s world, photography is a profession that people can be passionate about and make good…

How to find clients for your photography business in 2024How to find clients for your photography business in 2024
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You want to make a living with your passion, and we have the right knowledge to get you there. In today’s world, photography is a profession that people can be passionate about and make good money.

No matter how good you are as a photographer and how much you love it, the photography business comes down to clients. The secret to success for your photography business is to know how to find clients for your photography business.

That’s what we will be discussing with you here today. We will share expert tips and methods to get more clients for your photography business in 2023. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it.

Best Ways to Find Clients for your Photography Business

Here’s the thing: just like any other business, in the beginning stage, you have to reach your clients with your photography. Clients will come to you once you build a reputation and market yourself well. 

Below, we will share different tactics and strategies you can use to reach your clients more effectively and efficiently. These methods will surely help you gain a number of clients within a very short time.

Identify Your Target Client and the Right Audience

One of any business’s most basic marketing steps is to identify its target customers/ clients. Every photographer has a unique style or something they are very good at. You must find the right audience based on your photography style. 

For instance, if you are good at event photography, you should target different events like birthdays, engagements, or weddings. You can also focus on product photography for businesses or food photography for magazines and restaurants. 

In each of the scenarios, there is a specific audience or target client. Focusing on that small portion instead of a large portion, like photography, can help you sort out the clients more easily. In short, try working on a particular niche and its clients. 

Craft up a Stunning Portfolio

Craft up a Stunning Portfolio
Craft up a Stunning Portfolio

Making a portfolio is mandatory for any photographer who expects to get work. It’s the perfect way to showcase your photography experience in one place. This works as a marketing tool that can attract people to your photography service. 

However, just having a portfolio doesn’t cut it nowadays. You need to have a good-looking professional portfolio website. It has to have a good design with a modern appeal to convince the people.

Apart from the design, the portfolio should also have professional SEO to make your photography services more visible online. With good SEO, you will get more organic reach, which increases the chances of getting more clients

Also, you can try It’s a helpful website for finding photography and different kinds of work and makes finding clients easier for photographers.

Optimize Your Social Profile for Hunting Clients



Instagram is the most popular social media for photographers, as it’s all about photos and videos. You can simply post some of your best photos on Instagram to show your work publicly. 

Another great way is to get tagged by your existing clients in their photos so your audience can see your work. It works great for niche photographers. Finally, use hashtags, add locations, or create reels to increase your visibility on the platform.



Unlike Instagram, Facebook allows you to have reviews on your page. Past or existing clients can simply leave a review on your Facebook page to share their experiences. This way, people can determine whether your photography services are worthwhile or not.

You can post your photos and videos on your Facebook page, but try adding a story to each photo for extra appeal. Also, keep your business page professional with updated information and services you provide.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin Marketing
Linkedin Marketing

You must have a well-organized LinkedIn profile to connect with the corporate world. LinkedIn may not be the typical photographer, but it can help you get clients. Especially clients like businesses looking for a photographer on corporate projects. 

Ensure that every aspect of your LinkedIn profile is well-optimized and has achieved all-star status. This way, you become much more visible and preferable to the professional HRs and headhunters in the corporate world. And of course, you can also state your experience and post your photos as part of your portfolio.

Tik Tok

Regardless of how much people despise it, TikTok has already become one of the biggest marketing tools in the world. It becomes very easy to reach people through TikTok. As a photographer, you can create montages or collages with music to create TikTok videos. 

Other than that, you can share your stories, experiences, photography tips, and tricks on TikTok videos to market yourself out there. Or you can make videos following a TikTok trend in a photography context. You just have to be creative with these things to grow through TikTok.


A great way to drive traffic to your portfolio or service website is to use Pinterest and blogging. Whenever it’s about photography ideas and concepts, people head over to Pinterest for that. They sometimes even look for photographers there. 

If you can create a presence on Pinterest through blogs around subjects like photography ideas, photography tips, and inspiration, it can greatly help you. People will look for such topics and connect with you through your Pinterest blogs. It’s a very unique and effective way to get clients.

Encourage Testimonials and Recommendations

You can achieve a lot more by going that extra mile. Whereas in the early days of selling photography services you could simply showcase your pictures and get booked, now it’s a whole different story.

You can ask your previous clients to share their experience with your services through testimonials on your website or social media pages. 

Also, if you provide great services, they can surely recommend you to others, which is a great way to get more clients. You may tell them directly to recommend them for events and programs for photography needs.

Use Freelancing Websites to Gain New Clients

Now you might ask: “How can I get testimonials if I’m just starting out?” – Freelancing platforms are a great way to get started. If you are just starting your business, you probably don’t have the reputation or experience to approach bigger clients. And in that case, freelancing sites can work as your gateway to professional photography. 

Sites like Fiverr, Upwork,, People per Hour, and Scoopshot tend to have a lot of photography jobs on a freelance basis. With the right set of skills, you can easily land a job here and gain new clients this way.

Network with Other Professionals

Another easy and quick way to find new clients is to contact other professionals. Photographers often may not have time to take on a project, or sometimes solo photographers may need a hand for large projects. 

In such cases, they can refer or hire you as a photographer. If you can have such connections, it gets much easier to find clients without hassle.

Attend Conferences and Trade Shows

Attend Conferences and Trade Shows
Attend Conferences and Trade Shows

Attending conferences is a great way to build and extend your network as a photographer. You can meet up with many people there, who might be photographers or companies requiring photography services. 

Sometimes, you meet photographers who can hire you in the future, or you can directly meet clients at such events. You will have a much better time, especially if the conferences are about photography.

Start Volunteering Photography

Start Volunteering Photography
Start Volunteering Photography

To build your portfolio as a complete newbie in photography, you can always volunteer as a photographer at events. This will help you get photos for the portfolio and give you an on-field event photography experience. 

Many NGOs often hold various activities, or you can join different events to click photos voluntarily. This way, you can get photos, experience, and exposure from the people working on the event. It’s a great way to get noticed as a promising photographer.

Give Incentives for Referrals

Referrals are an easy way to market your photography business without doing anything yourself. But people usually don’t refer unless they have something to gain. That’s why you should always give incentives to every referral of your photography services. 

This works because you can offer discounts or commissions for client referrals. So, when someone refers you to a client, they receive a discount on their next project, or you give them a commission. It ensures you retain the client and get a new client through them.

Find Co-Marketing Partners

A co-marketing partner is another business in the same industry that markets your business, and in return, you also market their business. If you can find a suitable and efficient co-marketing partner, you can easily expect a lot of clients very soon. 

For example, you can team up with an event management company that can market your photography for various events. You can also market their event management and event photography services.

Aware of Your Neighborhood

Aware of Your Neighborhood
Aware of Your Neighborhood

Become aware of the neighborhood you live in, and try making your neighbors your primary clients in the first place. You can connect to the local people and businesses and tell them about your photography profession. 

Every person at some point needs photography services, either for business or events. When people learn about photography services, they can get right at hand. They won’t have to look far and would prefer to take your service. 

That’s why you keep in touch with your locality. Bring out your camera and do some street photography in the neighborhood. Show them your work, and you may slowly accumulate your clients without knowing it.

Paid - Showcase Your Portfolio by creating targeted Ads on Google

Paid - Showcase Your Portfolio by creating targeted Ads on Google
Paid - Showcase Your Portfolio by creating targeted Ads on Google

If you are up for spending some money, then ads on Google might be a worthy investment for you. While we already talked about SEO, paid ads can make your life much easier. It will ensure your photography services always appear on the top when someone looks for “photography services.” 

The best part of paid advertisements is that they usually target a specific audience. That means you will have a much easier time getting the clients interested in the service. Also, there are analytics to see whether you are getting the ROI on your ads.

Launch a Social Media Ad Campaign

Launch a Social Media Ad Campaign
Launch a Social Media Ad Campaign

Like the paid ads on Google, you can follow the same method but set it up as a social media ad campaign. These work on several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

The way it works is that you set up a Facebook ad campaign with your photos and services. Then, target those specific ads to particular segments following various criteria, such as age, gender, location, and interests. 

When you successfully set up an ad campaign, you will become more visible on the platform for the set criteria. For instance, people interested in photography services will see your ad on their timeline. And that’s how you can get more clients.

Wrapping up

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Well, there you go; now you have complete knowledge of how to find clients for your photography business. You can easily get your desired photography clients using these techniques and strategies. 

However, always remember to be patient while you go through all these. You won’t see the results within a day or two. It will take some time, especially for a beginner. Stick to the methods and get through them one by one. 

Photography isn’t just about being consistent in the photos; and you have to be consistent in the marketing as well. Also, don’t forget to enjoy photography while focusing on the business aspect of it. As long as you enjoy it, you will find success for sure.


How do I sell my photography to clients?

There are several ways to sell your photographs. You can start with your personal photography website and sell photos from there. Or you can list your photographs on sites like Alamy, Getty Images, Shutterstock, and other similar sites. Another method is to put them up for sale in photo exhibitions. 

How do I get people to buy my photography?

It all starts with the photos you take. If you take photos that aren’t something people would want, then no marketing or strategy will make them buy the photograph. So, make sure to take photos that people would want and then showcase them on websites, exhibitions, or social media from where people can buy them. 

How do I market myself as a freelance photographer?

As a freelance photographer, first, build a personal portfolio. From there, develop your brand through social media, SEO, and a quality website. Then, work with other high-skilled professionals and build a network. Finally, attend workshops as a guest or provide photography courses to reach more people and portray your skills.

While a good portfolio is excellent for showcasing the quality of your work, a well-organized social profile shows your personality and lifestyle. If you have a proper social profile on different social media sites, you can easily leverage your identity as a photographer. 

Social media plays a crucial role in your overall marketing strategy, providing a direct channel to reach your audience. However, successful social media marketing requires a comprehensive plan and consistency. To create the best plan and execute it effectively, consider hiring experts who can manage your social media presence.

Let’s check out how to optimize each social media profile to attract more clients for your photography business.

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