Creative Jewelry Styling With Watercolors for Mikus Diamonds

Flying colors

Designing creative jewelry styling by using watercolors is an exciting and sensational thing to do. I was given a fantastic project of creative jewelry styling along with photography from my client Mikus Diamonds. My clients sent me a bunch of diamond jewelry for their campaign. Well I had the complete freedom to perform my creative photography and represent it impressively. I did a lot of research on the internet. And then I came across with this impressive watercolor painting outlook. Here I am about to discuss right here with you!

Behind the Photography Scenes of Creative Jewelry Styling

Here you can check out how creatively I have represented the jewelry styling by using some colorful watercolors. I was already having a piece of necklace and earrings by my side. But for the viewers, I wanted to represent the whole jewelry piece attractively and inspiring looking. Suddenly my eyes grab the attention of colorful canvas painting that was add up with the bright paintwork. In addition this will bring even much more gorgeous and outstanding impact in the whole jewelry photography.

How I Used Watercolor Effect in Photography?

Although I was not an expert when it comes to play with the water colors! Therefore, I tried to make a small effort, and this is what the results are! Well I am sure you will like it!
I placed the necklace and earrings piece in the middle of the hardboard. Later on I painted all its regions with colorful paintwork all around it. I mix and match different color shades such as sky blue, light purple and pink. This was the first time when I hold a paintbrush in my hand. And trust me, and I was happy enough with the results.

Adding Creativity in Jewelry Styling Through Imagination

Well, adding creativity in your jewelry pieces is all about your inside imagination. It is your inner mindset ideas which you need to implicate on the creative jewelry styling. In addition you can use different jewelry stones to play with your creative mind. Plus pearls have always remained one of the top favorite stones for the jewelry makers. They use it to add creative outlook in its appearance. You can even get some source of inspiration from the things around you to build strong ideas of creativity. These ideas can be related to trees, nature, vegetables, or so on.

Sometimes looking at creative jewelry expert designing ideas can help you a lot to learn some basic concepts of designing. You can locate your necklaces or earrings on different objects that can spruce up the whole appearance of the jewelry. For example, if I have added the jewelry with water color artwork, then based on your taste, you can add it with some greenery effect or landscape. Furthermore this will bring even much more gorgeous and outstanding impact in the whole jewelry photography.

Well this is the end! I am sure that after checking out my creative jewelry styling you will think about adding watercolor in your jewelry photography . Try it now and fall in love with its appearance!