Beauty Product Video for Muse Beauty, USA

Beauty Product Video for Muse Beauty, USA

Giving any simple beauty product a wholly inspiring and enchanting outlook is an exciting and sensational thing to do. And this is what I am presenting right here for you! I was assigned a fantastic project of beauty product video for Muse Beauty, USA. Muse Beauty is one of my existing new clients. They have sent me their eyelash beauty product for their new spring campaign, which is primarily targeting the bridal season.

Muse keeps sending me products from the USA to Europe to add a charming appearance in their products. And I make it happen through the magic of my photography. Well, I had the complete freedom to perform my creative photography and represent it impressively. I did my research and then I came across with this remarkable beauty product video outlook.

Behind the scenes of beauty product video

The product is simple and ordinary looking! I tried my level best effort to represent the whole product attractively and inspiring looking for the viewers. From the beginning I experimented with some mirrors on the bottom just to bring a feel of attraction in the product designing. I have visually added clean and reflective look in the entire representation. We have taken shots from different angles and various spinning modes. Besides, this will bring even much more gorgeous and outstanding impact on the whole product presentation.

The use of black & white effect in photography?

If you give a clear view of my video, you will find a constant use of the black and white materials. What is the real purpose behind it? Well as I have mentioned before, this whole spring campaign by Muse Beauty is targeting primarily bridal season. But a bride is never complete without a groom! So I put together the reflection of both the bride and groom in my video. White color is all in all a clear representation of a bride, and the black color outlook represented the groom. Besides, I have used some mirrors on the bottom to make the total beauty product even much more attractive looking.

Approaching simple products with creativity

No one can deny the fact, that beauty and attraction always go hand in hand. A beauty product is incomplete until and unless it is not add up with the inspiring charm of appearance in packaging. Sometimes it’s the overall exterior representation of the beauty product, which gradually grabs the attention of the customers. This enforces them to purchase products like these.

Well, personally speaking, I loved the whole white and black combination effect in the video. I feel that by placing white flowers use at one side, I used white flowers to reflect the elegance and cleanliness of the bridal personality. I think it really highlights the actual message of the Muse Beauty upcoming campaign.